Year end closing – 8 things to remember

Year end is close and we’ve put together a small checklist to make sure that you go through the procedures for year end closing in WorkBook.

8 things to remember

» If your company runs with calendar year as fiscal year, make sure to create a new fiscal year and open January to allow new entries. Read more in this article.

» Close any job that is to be discontinued in 2015. Read more in this article.

» Make sure that the holiday/absence settings are setup correctly. Read more in this article.

» Close down the fiscal year 2014. Read more in this article.

» Remember to transfer any unused employee holidays to next year. Read more in this article.
This only applies to countries where the holiday year is following the calendar year.

» Adjust Work-In-Progress
If you do your financial revenue recognition by Work-In-Progress, then make sure that the jobs have the right financial value. Learn more about recognising revenue by WIP.

» Make sure to update any changes to TAX, VAT or mileage claims returns. Read more in this article on how to change mileage.

» Enter your financial budget for 2015 into WorkBook. Read more in this article.

» And finally, enjoy your Christmas and New Year with family and friends.

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