Version 9.1 – changes to how attention persons are added to reports

The logic behind persons being marked for ‘Attn:’ has been changed from version 9.1

What’s new

A new feature to setup country-specific address compositions. Note that ‘Attn’ is one of the available fields.

That means that the person being marked for attention is now included in the address label on the report.

Perhaps more importantly, you should be aware of ‘system  setting 1055’ which makes the fallback value in case there’s no setup for the specified country. As this is a new feature, most users won’t have a setup for any countries and so 1055 becomes the most relevant.

Note that if 1055 is also empty, then it defaults to this:

<Zip> <City>


Why might having the person marked for ‘Attn:’ in the address label cause a problem?

It happens specifically on the invoice. The person marked for ‘Attn:’ person used to be a separate label on the layout. That means if you have a system created before 9.1, it is very likely that you now have TWO persons marked for ‘Attn:’ on your invoice. The one in the address label, and the other in the separate label. This is often not very pretty, as they may overlap, and does not print well having the same name overlapped.

How to fix ‘double’ attention

The correct solution is to simply remove the old attention label. This is done within the report layout editor. We don’t expect everyone to be able to use this, so if you contact us about the attention person then we’ll fix it up for you ASAP.

You may be tempted to remove the attention person from the setup instead. That is also a solution, but keep in mind that this controls price quotes as well, and they will no longer have attention persons added automatically if it’s removed from 1055/country setup.

Other frequently asked questions:

There’s no attention person at all!

An issue where copied invoices would not be assigned the correct attention person. This was fixed in 9.4.

There’s no attention person on the price quote

Price quotes get their attention person from the job properties. If no client contact is selected before creating the quote, then it has to be entered manually.

There’s no “Att.” or similar in front of the attention person

You may have noticed above, that the default for 1055 is just <Attn>.

To add text in front, you have to include it in the address composition. <Attn> is a dynamic label which pulls in the name of the selected attention person, but you can put in text next to the dynamic labels as such:

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