Graduate Welcome the Tutorial section

Here you will find small videos explaining little parts of WorkBook V9 – together they make a whole.


To get a quick overview of some of the features of WorkBook take a look here.

Inbox & collaboration

The Inbox is where you probably always start your day. From here you can collaborate on tasks, tickets or jobs.

Watch these three videos to get a quick overview of the features of the Inbox.

Collaboration and conversations

The basic intro to how the Inbox works.

Adding a client contact to a conversation

Do you need to add a client contact to a conversation or task? This is how!

Inbox and Notifications

You will receive a lot of different notifications in your inbox. Here’s an intro.

Tasks & scheduling

You to-do list is one of the essential parts of WorkBook. In Version 9 we made it even easier to register time on your tasks.

To-do list and time entry

A quick overview of the to-do list and how to register time.

Kanban view and time entry

Should you fancy a Kanban view, WorkBook offers this as well.

Personal cost entry

The personal cost entry module is where you can do time registrations, expense entries and mileage entries.

Time sheet and Time sheet reminder

A quick overview of the Time sheet and it’s functions.

Expense entry and WorkBook Share app

Upload expense entries via the WorkBook Share app.

Mileage and Mileage app

Register mileage via our app.



Jobs are how you handle your projects. Job can have plans with tasks (a schedule), price quotes, purchase orders, invoices and many more. This section of videos will give you a quick overview of how to deal with jobs.

Create a new job or duplicate a job

This is the jobs 101 – creating a job.

Jobs list views and designing your own jobs list

Create time plan and assign resources

Create time plan and copy from template

Create time plan from price quote

Create price quote from scratch

Create price quote from copying another quote

Create price quote from template

Create new invoice and copy from price quote

Create a purchase order

Job costs


How to do a PDF of a time plan

This guide shows you how to print a PDF of a time plan but the general principle of printing a report is universal in WorkBook.

Report Editor

The Report Editor is a powerful tool to create or customize your own reports and have them just the way you with.