WorkBook Silverlight phase-out plan


Please let our customer care know if you are still using other module than Finance and Settings in the Silverlight version as we need to stall any updates.

Beginning in early 2018 WorkBook’s Silverlight version will no longer be supported or receive system updates.

This means that we will be phasing out our Silverlight version, also known as V8, starting with the release of WorkBook version 9.6.

Version 9.5 is the last version of WorkBook Silverlight that will include all modules, but it will be kept in maintenance mode for the foreseeable future. WorkBook version 9.6 will only contain finance and settings module.

Phase out plan

Version 9.6

From version 9.6 only the Finance module and the Settings module will be available in the Silverlight (V8) version. This is how it looks.

All functions within Finance and Settings will be fully working.




Version 10

From version 10 Silverlight will no longer be available.

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