WorkBook Finance Training Program

 Basic program consists of 3 training sessions (2 hours each) followed by a Q&A session.

It is recommended to do the training on Live database as much as possible as this will reveal potential mishaps in setup. And furthermore highly recommended to include actual transactions in the training to simulate as accurate as possible. If no actual transactions are available, it might be needed to use a demo database.

Session 1 (shortly after go-live)

  • Detailed walkthrough of Project postings:
    • The posting frequency (type 1 and 5 instantly, 2, 3 and 6 with some delay, 4 either instantly or as a part of month-end process)
    • The date filter
    • How to preview
    • The consequences (automated journal with postings according to posting configuration)
  • General journals
    • The overview of all open and posted journals
    • Reverse/copy
    • How to post a manual journal
  • Debtors (Accounts Receivable)
    • Create a sales invoice (and post it in project postings)
    • Post an incoming payment in a manual journal
    • Show how settlement can be done directly in journal or on Debtor afterwards
  • Creditors (Accounts Payable)
    • Create a purchase invoice. Discuss the different statuses of purchase invoices and post it in project postings
    • Discuss how outgoing payments are done (bank transfer, cheques etc.)
    • Show how settlement can be done directly in journal or on Creditor

Objective: The user now knows ALL types of finance transactions in WorkBook and will have the tools needed to move on with the daily finance tasks in the system.


 Session 2 (one week later)

  • Follow up on questions from session 1 and using the system for one week
  • Review Chart of Accounts
    • The balances
    • Drill down on account level
    • Going through the reports:
      • Trial balance (216)
      • Account statement (218/240)

Objective: There are no uncertainties whatsoever regarding the daily operations.

Session 3 (first month end)

  • Go through this designated guide:
    • Clear the entire Project Postings interface for both Approved and Non-approved records
    • Review jobs with expired end date. Close or prolong?
    • Go through all job values. Go back and post all adjustments in Project postings. Make a final review with report 231
    • Review report 14 (open Purchase orders) on all Invoiced and Cancelled jobs in the job book. Post a provision for future external costs if relevant
    • Use report 264 for reviewing Gross Profit by Client/Job
    • Close for activities in “Accounting period settings”
  • Bank reconciliation

Objective: The user has a general understanding of the month-end process and will be able to finalize the first month end immediately after the session.

Session 4 (one week later)

  • Follow up on all previous training and questions
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