WorkBook Client Portal in Version 9 – Quick guide

Client Portal from WorkBook enables client contacts to freely login to WorkBook with a limited view to jobs, briefings, Gantt charts and collaboration features. This guide will help a WorkBook administrator to understand the Client Portal.

Creating a new Client Portal

To create a new client portal, please follow this guide:


Type in your Username and Password as provided to you.
Stay signed in: allows the user to login without having to type username and password continuously.
Forgot password: The system will send a temp password to the user.

client portal


In the Inbox all conversations that you are a part of can be seen and you can add new comments and upload files etc.

Adding a new comment.

You can add a new comment by placing the cursor in the comment field. Also, you can upload a file to the comment. This system will generate a file preview once the comment has been submitted.

When a new comment is submitted, the system will automatically send you an email, with a link to the conversation. Clicking that link will open an HTML page, allowing you to see the conversation, as well as add new comments and upload files.

Adding new users to the conversation.

You can add more users to the conversation by clicking the Add new user button. This is useful if you want to have more people join the conversation.

The Jobs book.

The Jobs book view, will allow you to see jobs and their Briefings, Conversations, Gantt charts and shared files.


Click on the job you want to access, and then click the data you want to review.

To navigate to another job, simply click on the Jobs list button again.


The Briefing allow you to view/edit the job’s current briefing or to upload a new briefing. Use the buttons as seen below in order to edit the briefing

Briefing revisions.

Clicking this button will allow you to see briefing revision.

Chat & Conversations

As mentioned previously, in the client portal, you can add comments, upload files and collaborate using the Chat & Conversation feature.


The Task button will allow you to review, in the client portal, Gantt chart on the job.


In the Docs view you can view all files related to the job.
Note: only files that are uploaded through conversations and added in the PortalFolder will be shown.

You can upload, delete, duplicate files by clicking the buttons as shown below.

Allow portal users to create new jobs

Admins can change access settings so that portal users can create new job. By default portal users do not have access to create new jobs.

  1. From the Profile pic drop-down (1), go to My settings (2) > Language and Formatting options (3). Scroll down to Access rights settings and click on the ‘Show the access right control panel’ button.
  2. To give a portal user access to the job book, you need to have the job book visible because the ‘Element access right selectory’ dialog will update according to the page you are on. Select the arrow on ‘Job Book List’ to show the children pages.
  3. Click on ‘Contact create new job’ (1). Ensure Portal user has Full access (2). Click on the arrow to access the children pages (3).
  4. The last step is to ensure Portal user has Full access (2) to Contact basic job settings, Contact job detail description and Contact job briefing (1) by clicking into each of the options.



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