Date fields and their shortcuts


Date fields in grids and their shortcuts in Version 9

In this guide we will take a look at the date fields in Version 9, how they function as well as useful shortcuts when using the date fields.

When choosing a date you have three ways of doing so. The first option is to simply clicking through the date picker with your mouse and choose the date that way.

The second option is typing the date manually into the date field. There are three valid types of formatting that you can use when typing in dates:




The order of day/month can change based on your regional settings. I.E., in the US 01-02 would be January 2nd, and in Europe it would be February 1st.

You can change your regional settings as well as the date formatting in ‘My settings’ > ‘Language and formatting’.

The third option to choosing dates is by using shortcuts, you can use specific shortcuts to quickly enter a date in a date field. Here is a list of shortcuts and their function:

D : Today’s date.

P : First (primo) day of current month and year.

U : Last (ultimo) day of current month and year.

L : Last day of previous month.

K : Last day next month.

N : First day of next month.

E : Last (end) day of current year.

S : First (start) day of current year.

O : Last workday, current month.

Y : First workday, current month.

W : Last workday, Current year.

+ : Add a day.

: Subtract a day.

The shortcut list can also be found inside WorkBook, by pressing ‘Ctrl’ while the date picker is open as shown in the picture below. In addition you can see a description of the shortcut when mousing over it in workbook:

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