WorkBook 10.0 Release Notes

WorkBook 10.0 is more agile, stable, and user-friendly. This release delivers:

  • Better user experience and improved security with a full HTML5 interface
  • Net revenue workflows that allow different users to input pipeline and job data
  • Improved planning for complex projects and enhanced configuration options on Gantt charts
  • Additional security via read-only access and multi-factor authentication options


Structural Changes

  • WorkBook is now available via a single address for all users and can be used on all browsers; using Chrome or Safari is recommended. WorkBook can be used on all HTML-compatible devices.
  • Some basic navigation has changed, although all features are the same. For example, modules shown on the left in Silverlight are now on the top bar in HTML. In the Jobs module, top tabs moved to the vertical navigation bar. In the Finance module, instead of grouping based on time, items are now in logical groups—for example, General ledger, Debtors, Month End, and so on.

Enhanced Access Rights Framework

  • Administrators can now control access to individual components of the user interface. If you are an administrator, you can do this via My Settings » Language and Formatting Options » Show the access rights control. In the dialog, browse to a page to define the Access Rights Settings. When reviewing any element, as an administrator, you can set up individual rights to Full access, Read only, or No access.

Global Grid Control

  • Administrators can share custom grids and allocate them to relevant user groups defined by access role.

New “Card” Framework

  • Employees, Jobs, and Tasks have their own Cards; links are available throughout WorkBook so that you can easily access their content. For example, while in Invoice you can open the Client Card and view the contract in Documents.

Time and Expense Entry for Others

  • The ability to enter Time and Expense for someone else has moved to a separate area in the Finance module. The same options are available; however, you select the employee name in the right-side pane.

HTML-Specific Features

  • An increased number of columns is available, including several in the Jobs list. You can use these with Global Grid Controls.

  • My Task List is now available in a Kanban view. You can easily move Tasks across customizable categories.

  • You can enter time easily via tasks/conversations. Below the comment, add your time while you are in the task.

Cash Flow Forecast

  • WorkBook 10.0 helps you produce an accurate short-term cash flow forecast. Select Create Cash Flow, then enter a name and the current cash balance. Green and red lines are calculated automatically.  Yellow lines require manual input (for example, salaries, VAT, Loans). You can omit any lines.

  • For complete transparency, details such as calculations for auto-generated data can be viewed.

Net Revenue Forecast (NRF)

  • You can easily combine actuals from the Finance module with price quotes and pipeline data. In setup, define the forecast method, which is included in the workflow, what price quote status to include, whether pipelines count, and how to distribute the forecast numbers.

  • When settings are complete, create a net revenue forecast by selecting the + icon. Add a title and method, then enter the first forecast month and the number of months.

  • The resulting grid shows client revenue by month on the top and project details from price quotes, pipeline, and inter-company transfers on the bottom. Finance users select what they want populated and initiate the workflow.

  • A Client Management user receives the request in his or her inbox, opens it, and then enters the forecast by month and clicks Approve.

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Add entry – Shortcuts: Added the “Next active menu”, “Previous active menu”, “Next active grid” and “Previous active grid” shortcuts to the menu.

Add entry – Shortcuts – Absence: Added the option to add multiple users on an absence registration.

Dashboard: Added “Group scheduling resource” card.

Dialog: Added “Restore” function when maximizing a dialog.

Error dialog: Improved error feedback if Release state is higher than 1.

Error dialog: Improved the deadlock message when system variable 454 (Beta mode) is enabled.

Grids – Modify grid: Enabled dragging and dropping of columns within the dialog.

Grids – Modify grid: Moved control buttons to the dialog header.

Grids – Modify grid: Added the option to set a default grid on the company level.

Grids – Export: Added the option to export data with a custom separator.

Grids: Fixed an issue when using multi-select, where rejected entries or disabled values do not appear in a different color.

Menu: Added ‘Collapse’ and ‘Expand’ functions on all submodule menus.

Quick menu – Add entry: You can no longer add a user from the quick menu.

Security – Agents: Updated Agent to .NET 4.6.1.

Shortcut: You are now prompted to accept or decline a deletion when using the Delete line shortcut.

Tag tooltip: Added the option to add a description when mousing over a tag.

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12-month summary forecast – Jobs in progress: Added “Planned amount” column.

12-month summary forecast: The 12-month summary forecast can now contain more than one budget in the sub-grid.

CRM – Pipelines: Fixed layout of the “Pipeline source and qualifications” page.

Resource search: Fixed an issue where “Export to Excel” was missing details.

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Finance & Administration

Administrative Follow-up: Absence entries for approval are displayed in three places:

  1. Conversation -> Follow-up
  2. Tasks -> Approval -> Absence entry for approval
  3. Finance & Administration -> Administrative follow-up -> Absence entries for approval

Administrative follow-up – Change log: Added the “Change log” page to the HTML version.

Administrative follow-up – Open expenditure on closed jobs: Added the “Open expenditure on closed jobs” page to the HTML version.

Administrative follow-up – Open job adjustments: Added the “Open job adjustments” page to the HTML version.

Administrative follow-up – Open material entries: Added the “Open material entries” page to the HTML version.

Administrative follow-up – Open mileage entries: Added the “Open mileage entries” page to the HTML version.

Administrative follow-up – Open personal expense entries: Added the “Open personal expense entries” page to the HTML version.

Administrative follow-up – Rejected entries: Restructured the page to match the other follow-up pages.

Administrative follow-up – Ticket jobs follow-up list: Added the “Ticket jobs follow-up list” to the HTML version.

Administrative follow-up – Time entry statistics: Added the “Time entry statistics” page to the HTML version.

Chart of Accounts – Reports: Removed “Hide horizontal lines” from Report 500. Also changed this report so that when “Show only sum accounts” is enabled, it shows only sum accounts, and the line feed is removed.

Cost entry – Time sheet: Added “Approve entries” to toolbar.

Creditors – Creditor invoice/Creditor payment proposal: You can edit the “Payment identification number” column when in Status 10. “Creditor payment proposal” also checks system variable 742 to verify whether fields can be edited.

Creditors – Creditor invoices – Details grid: The values in the “PO no.” column are now formatted correctly.

Creditors – Creditor invoices – Filter: Improved the option to filter invoices according to their Invoice status.

Creditors – Creditor invoices: If system variable 603 is enabled, updating certain voucher information (as set in system variable 476) adds the new information to the Description on the first voucher line.

Creditor invoices: When you do not have access to a client, you can no longer see the job name in the “Purchase order” column.

Creditors – Creditor list: Added the “Remainder handling” tab to the HTML version.

Creditors – Creditor list – Elimination: You can now partially eliminate the sub-grid line by overwriting the value in the “To be eliminated” column.

Creditors – Purchase orders: The “Supplier invoiced” column now summarizes creditor invoice lines that are linked to the purchase order, instead of “Total PO amount – Remaining PO amount.”

Debtors – Debtor invoices – Approved: You can now reorder columns.

Debtor – Debtor invoices: You can now attach invoices as either PDF or XML or both.

Debtors – Debtor list: Added multi-selector.

Debtors – Debtor list: Added the “Debtor communication log overview” page to the HTML version.

Debtors – Debtor list – Remainder handling: Finalizing selected entries now causes only one required dialog instead of multiple dialogs; if there is a misconfiguration, it does not create the journal.

Debtors – Debtor reminders: Changed the names on both tabs to “Debtors in reminder” and “Reminder level setup.” “Archive the e-mails” is set as the default. Also changed the text name from “interest calculation x” to “debtor reminder x.”

Debtors – Subscriptions: Added period and total amount fields.

Debtors – Subscriptions: Added the “Subscriptions” page to the HTML version.

Export, import & maintenance – Bank reconciliation (manual): Added the “Bank reconciliation (manual)” page to the HTML version.

Export, import & maintenance – Job dimension update: Added the “Job dimension update” page to the HTML version.

General ledger – Cash flow forecast: The Cash flow forecast now correctly includes billing plans, based on choices, job status, and date for the billing plan.

General ledger – Chart of accounts: Fixed an issue that allowed you to set “Automatic” and “Use this account for creditor invoice entry” on the same account and not receive an error message.

General ledger – Posting search: “Posting search” is now limited to retrieving 10,000 records.

General ledger – Posting search: A loading indicator now appears when you click Search in the filter.

General ledger – Chart of accounts: “Report 269” now includes budget and dimension data.

General ledger – Chart of accounts – Account settings: You can now select both “Automatic and “Use this account for creditor invoice entry” at the same time.

General ledger – Financial budget: Added the “Financial budget” page to the HTML version.

General ledger – General reporting: Replaced single quotation marks.

General ledger – Net revenue forecast: Fixed a bug that calculated the forecast values incorrectly. This was dependent on the limitation that was used when values were taken from the billing plan.

General ledger – Net revenue forecast: EAC calculations are now simpler.

General ledger – Net revenue forecast: Added a feature to retain manual edits from the selected net revenue forecast (NRF) when creating another NRF.

General ledger – Net revenue forecast: You can now limit the range of the NRF type with “From” and “To” account fields.

General ledger – Net revenue forecast – Sub grid: Figures within a group are summarized in the group row. You can control the groups by right-clicking in the grid (Standard WorkBook feature).

General ledger – Project postings: Added the “Inter-company transactions” page to the HTML version.

Month-end – WIP adjustments: Added shortcut menu buttons for creating adjustments on multiple jobs at the same time.

Month-end – WIP adjustments: Added “Job status” to the filter. The filter saves this as a user setting.

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Costs – Adjustments – Create WIP adjustment: When system variable 971 is set to 3, you can now set an overall completion rate percentage on individual phases on specific price quotes.

Costs – Adjustments: Moved “Adjustment date” to be a tooltip instead of a label. Also changed “Adjustment date” to be read-only instead of disabled so that you can see the tooltip.

Costs – Summary: Simplified EAC calculations in EAC summary views.

Create job: Added a check for Dimension requirements.

Description – Task conversation: Fixed an issue that prevented you from removing access from a description conversation without removing it from all conversations.

Docs: Added a feature to add folder paths from the job folder setup.

Documents: Added the option to generate default folder templates to the HTML version.

Invoice – Consolidated invoice: You can no longer select invoices that belong to the job of the consolidated invoice in the “Add jobs to consolidated invoice” dialog.

Invoice: Improved the invoice list, which now sorts by Status and ID.

Invoice: Removed the Create button from the middle of the screen.

Invoice: The “Set payment status to paid” button now requires only a single click to activate.

Invoice: Tabs now turn into drop-downs when you resize the window.

Invoice – Copy from: Fixed an issue that affected the way in which activities are copied when disabled/not allowed for invoicing.

Invoice – Lines: Enhanced multi-selecting lines.

Invoice – Header / Approval: When client access is removed from the responsible employee, the field is now highlighted in red.

Job card – Basic project settings: You can only move jobs to retainer projects if the project already contains a master job, and if the job that you are moving does not have a pre-existing price quote or invoice.

Jobs list – Create job dialog: You can no longer use job numbers that are reserved for another company when using the method “Optional, no limitation.”

Jobs list – Create job dialog: Improved the location of the Department field in the dialog.

Job list – Create job dialog: Creating a job no longer posts the auto-generated comment “Remember to update custom codes” as public.

Jobs list: Contact new job request: Added a “Budget” functionality that you can enable under Settings -> Contact new job request. When Budget is enabled, the contact user can specify budget during Contact new job request dialog.

Jobs list: Optimized Search when searching large numbers of jobs.

Jobs list: Removed unnecessary stylings and indented the groupings.

Jobs list: Adjusted Report 323 and Report 565 to show all the selection criteria in the report header.

Jobs list: Added Report 565, which shows the same data as Report 323, except that it shows data based on bookings, rather than registered hours.

Jobs list: Report 175 now supports changing currency in reports.

Jobs list 6 – Job list with dimension settings: Fixed an issue where the Client column was not displayed in the view.

Jobs list 7 – Gantt view: When loading a Gantt view, it now stays at today’s date.

Job posting configuration: The Capitalize setting from the posting configuration is now stamped onto the job to ensure that all invoices on a job are capitalized in the same manner, even if the posting configuration setup is modified later.

Job views – Scheduled hours & Scheduled sales value: Added columns “Used hours sale this month” and “Expected EAC hours sale this month.”

Price Quotes: Removed the Create button from the middle of the screen.

Price Quotes – Overview: Fixed the issue where grouping by status in the “modify grid” caused a crash.

Price quote – Header / Approval: When client access is removed from the responsible employee, the field is now highlighted in red.

Purchase order – Header / Approval: When client access is removed from the responsible employee, the field is now highlighted in red.

Purchase order – Add address: Changed the current dialog to include all resources types.

Purchase order – Reports: Added two columns to Reports 14 and 17: “CoverLetter” and “ShipDate.”

Schedule: Added dialog to move task bookings from one resource to another.

Tasks: Implemented task mentions, automatically generated comments when a ticket/task is mentioned elsewhere.

Tasks: Views are now placed in tabs, rather than hidden in a sidebar.

Tasks: Moved “Submit pending bookings for approval” out of the shortcut menu.

Tasks – Tasks: Days that do not have a booking now appear in a lighter color than days that have bookings.

Tasks – Booked resources: If the resources are marked as done, the “Hours remaining” are set to 0.

Tasks – Task grid – Dependencies: Made the “Bindings” field editable and made it possible to create dependencies to other jobs.

Tasks – Task – Gantt view: Now shows text outside a Gantt bar if the text is too long.

Tasks – Tasks – Grid view: Newly created tasks are now always shown.

Tasks – Tasks – Matrix view: Increased performance; now uses users’ start of week.

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Company – Create new company: “Copy finance settings” now duplicates 21 finance settings from the original company.

Company – Create new company: You can now copy the finance settings from the original company when creating the consolidation company.

Contacts – Interest Search: Added a view “Resources by interests.”

Email – Compose new email: Removed code injection vulnerability.

Employee – Client access settings: Improved performance when updating multiple rows.

Employees – Employee settings grid: Added “Access role” field.

Resource cards

Client card: Removed old page title system.

Client Card – Settings – General settings: Added the field “External code.”

Client Card – Settings – General settings: Added a tooltip to the “Credit max. check” drop-down to appear when the text goes past the border.

Client Card: Added “New employee access settings to client” page to the HTML version.

Client Card: Added “Client’s tasks” to the client card for a better workflow.

Contact Card: Added optional fields for contact users in the HTML version.

Employee Card: Added the “Holiday period” tab to the HTML version.

Employee Card – Contacts: Made general improvements to the Contacts page.

Employee Card – Profile card: Made general improvements to the Profile card page.

Employee Card – Settings – Whereabouts: Made general improvements to the Whereabout page.

Employee Card – Settings – Reporting dimensions: Added the “Reporting dimensions” page to the HTML version.

Supplier Card: Added a “Mail” tab.

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Schedule overview – Capacity status graph: Added an option to exclude On-hold bookings from appearing in the capacity status graph.

Schedule overview – Task matrix: Added the “Revenue” view option.

Schedule overview – Task matrix: A page now shows up to 60 days.

Schedule overview – Task matrix: Fixed an issue in the grid, where hovering blocked visibility of information when a tooltip was shown.

Schedule overview – Weekly schedule: You can now disable access to “Create new task” and “Add absence.”

Schedule overview – Weekly schedule: Fixed an issue where hovering over a cell blocked visibility of the information in the cell.

Task follow-up – Task list: Added “Milestone task” to task state in the filter.

Task follow-up – Task list: When a user enters these pages with no filter previously set up, the filter automatically adds the current user to ensure that the page does not load every entry in the system.

Task follow-up – Task list: Added a filter if you select a period other than “All active.”

Task follow-up – Ticket list: : When a user enters these pages with no filter previously set up, the filter automatically adds the current user to ensure that the page does not load every entry in the system.

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Advanced tools – Agent setup: Added the “Agent setup” page to the HTML version.

Advanced tools – Conversation groups: The “Conversation groups” setup page is now set to public.

Advanced tools – Databoards: Fixed a design issue and spelling errors.

Advanced tools – Agent setup: Added “Email notification”.

Advanced tools – IP whitelist setup: Added a tool that enables you to whitelist IP addresses so that users from those addresses are not required to use two-factor authentication (2FA) to log in from those IPs.

Advanced tools – Notification email texts: Added the “Notification email texts” page to the HTML version.

Advanced tools – Session log overview: Added the “Session log overview” page, which shows you login sessions, successful logins, and failed logins.

Advanced tools – User access rights: Added export/import of access roles.

Advanced tools – User access rights: Completely revamped the access right setup to make it more intuitive to use.

Advanced tools – User access rights: The cascade functionality on the tree view is now operational.

Advanced tools – User access rights: Removed unnecessary database updates.

Advanced tools – User access rights: Implemented cloud-based import/export of user access roles.

Company approvals: Added the “Creditor approval” and “Creditor invoice approval” pages.

Company approvals – Creditor invoice approval – Role approval: Added a feature to update all entries with approvers.

Company settings – Holidays and absence settings – Absence codes: Now includes the “Add”/”Delete” buttons.

Company settings – Company variables: Company variable 42 now only counts for price quotes in status 50 (Approved externally).

Company settings – Company variables: Added Company variables 43, 44, and 45, including the option to copy functions to all other companies.

Company settings – Company variables: Added company variable 46; when this variable is true, it deselects “Allow time entry” when closing a task.

Company settings – Job default dimension values: Added the “Job default dimension values” page.

CRM setup – Attributes: Added the “Attributes” setup page to the HTML version.

Custom codes – Custom code types: Fixed an issue where the default value was shown as NaN.

Dimensions – Dimension setup: Added “Detail codes,” “External code,” and “External number” to the sub-grid.

Employee settings – Employee cross-company access: Added the “Can setup employees” column that determines whether an employee has access to change values on that page. Also added a check to ensure that the last administrator cannot remove his or her own access.

Employee settings – Teams setup: Improved the user interface on teams setup.

Employee settings – Teams setup: Added the “Basic team settings” page to the HTML version.

Finance – AR/AP groups: Added the “AR/AP groups” page (and the reporting groups) to the HTML version.

Finance – Holding account setup: Added the “Holding account setup” page to the HTML version.

Finance – Subscription billing: Added the “Subscription billing setup” page to the HTML version.

Finance – VAT Settings: Added the “VAT Settings” page to the HTML version.

Folders, reports & documents – Financial postings report: Added the “Financial posting report” page to the HTML version.

Folders, reports & documents – Finance report configuration: Added the “Finance report configuration” page to the HTML version.

Folders, reports & documents – Report filename setup: Changed the icon for the variables list and implemented the wbtoolbar.

Folders, reports & documents – Statement of accounts by dimensions, 12 months: Added the “Statement of accounts by dimensions, 12 months” page to the HTML version.

Folders, reports & documents – Storage and folders: Added a document browser.

Global system settings – ProofHQ: Added Settings – Proof hq setup.

Global system settings – ProofHQ: Fixed an issue where proofs with no relation to a job were shown.

Global system settings – ProofHQ: Made new follow-up with proofs with exceeded revisions.

Global system settings – System variables setup: Added system variable 1167, which forces an employee to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) upon logging in.

Global system settings – System variables setup: Added system variable 713, which disables a user account after “x” days of inactivity.

Global system settings – System variables: Deactivated system variable 961.

Global system settings – System variables: Changed the description for system variable 601.

Price list & activities – Material types: Made improvements in “Material types” setup.

Price lists & activities – Price lists: Price lists in use can no longer have their access to the given client/company removed, and price lists that have removed access to specific companies/clients are no longer shown in price list drop downs.

Price list / Jobs – Price list: Creating a job-specific price list now copies “Activity access” settings from the source price list.

Price list & activities – Price lists – Price list setup: Implemented a new column for company settings that determines which companies can view and change the settings for the specific price lists.

Project & jobs – Task resource progress status: Added the “Task resource progress status” to the HTML version.

Tax: Added the “Sales tax follow up” and “Sales tax setup” pages to the HTML version.

Ticket setup – Ticket quick create: Enhanced quick ticket creation by adding predefined tags and a document template.

Ticket setup – Email import recognition rules: Added “Email import recognition rules” to the HTML version.

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Approval – Materials for approval: Re-created the page in the HTML version.

Approval – Time entry approval: Added the “Phases” column to the approval grid and notifications.

Approval – Task approval of the user’s completion: Added “Task approval of the user’s completion” to the HTML version.

Task card – Checklist: Added multi-select as an option in the checklist.

Task card: Added the Close button to sidebars across the application.

Task card: Added a tooltip for task names if they are truncated by resizing.

To-do – Task – Week view: Added the “Job number” column to the view.

To-do – Tasks – Grid: Made minor grid loading performance increases.

To-do – Tasks: Enhanced the display of dependencies in Grid, List, and Kanban views.

To-do – Tasks – Task card – Dependencies: Made improvements to the Task card’s “Dependencies” view.

To-do – Tasks: Added the “Hours booked today” column in Grid view.

To-do – Tasks: Added the “Task progress status” as a grouping option.

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Time & Expense

Personal information – My settings – Grid settings: Added grid row and column highlighting user settings.

Personal information – My settings – Language & formatting options: Added an option to parse a thousands separator as a decimal separator.

Personal information – My settings – System shortcuts: Added an option to disable global shortcuts.

Personal information – My settings – Whereabouts: Enabled the ability to create more than one “Part of a day” whereabouts status.

Time & expense – Expense – Extended access: Added extended access to “Reject imported expense entry.”

Time & expense – Time sheet: Removed “:” from the tooltip.

Time & expense – Time sheet: Fixed a decimal display issue and added percentage to the pie chart.

Time & Expense – Time sheet: Added support for internal comments on time entries.

Time & Expense – Time sheet: Pinned tasks go backward three weeks and forward one week.

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Known Issues

Resource ProfileAdd New does not Work: When there is an empty line in the grid, and you click Add missing profile lines, the expected resource profile lines are not added to the grid.

Bank Reconciliation Data Import After you choose the file and start the import, the progress bar appears to show that data is being imported and loaded. However, the process hangs without completing the import, even though the progress bar appears to be complete. This is caused by the lack of an import specification. As a work-around, while the progress bar is running, go to the Settings tab in the import dialog and create an import specification. After you have created an import specification, the error will not occur again.

Chart of Accounts – Change log – Change Request Log should not be Visible: On the Chart of Accounts submodule Change log window, the Change request log radio button appears, but it should not. The Change request log is not an available option on this window.

Chart of Accounts – Change from List Tab to Account Statement Tab – View Returns to the Top and the Account Statement Tab is not Updated Based on Period Date Selection (even after Refresh): If you move between the List and Account Statement tabs, the grids “forget” their scroll positions. Thus, when you return to a tab, you are returned to the top of the tab, rather than your cursor’s former position on that tab.

Company Card – Company Settings – Default New Job Dimension: “Department” Drop-Down is Empty: The new dimension code on company jobs can be blank. However, WorkBook incorrectly assumes that if one dimension option does not have an Active setting, all dimensions are inactive, and as a result it does not show dimension values.

F&A – Creditor Invoices – Entering Task IDs in Sub-Grid is Blocked by System Variable 1080 Deactivation: If system variable 1080 is deactivated, you cannot enter a task ID in the sub-grid for creditor invoices.

F&A – Debtor Invoices – Grid is not Refreshed Properly after using “Change invoice date”: When you use the Change invoice date button in a Debtor’s invoice, the grid is not refreshed.

F&A – Debtor Invoices – Filter – “Invoice period” Defaults to the Current Date: If there is no date for the invoice period, the current date is used as the default.

F&A – Debtor Invoices – “Change invoice date” does not Update the Invoice Date until You Perform a Hard Refresh: When you use “Change invoice date” on an invoice, the date in the Invoice Date column in the grid is not refreshed until you do a hard refresh. This is related to a change to the Invoice date column name, which is now called “Voucher date.”

Jobs – Tasks – Settings – Basic Settings – Task Status does not Change to “Done” when Job Status is Changed: For the following changes to job status with the noted system variable setting, the task status is changed appropriately, but its display is not updated until you perform a hard refresh:

  • Change job status to 3 – Ready for invoicing, with system variable 668 enabled
  • Change job status to 4 – Invoiced, with system variable 669 enabled
  • Change job status to 5 – Cancelled, with system variable 670 enabled.

Quick Entry – Document Approval – Deleting a Document from the Dialog causes an Error: When you try to delete a document from the dialog, you cannot do so. The work-around is to close the dialog without saving and start again.

CRM – 12-Month Summary Forecast – Prospect Pipelines are not Taken into Consideration: No prospect pipeline data is loaded into the 12-month forecast tab.

CRM – 12-Month Summary Forecast – Year is not Displayed Correctly in Groupings: In the 12-month summary forecast grid, the year is not displayed correctly in groupings.

Jobs – CRM – Pipelines – Incorrect Message about Which Elements of a Pipeline You can Edit after a Job is Connected: When a pipeline is connected to a job, a message incorrectly states that you cannot edit any elements of the pipeline. However, you can edit any fields except for the Amount, Probability, StartDate, and Currency fields.

My Settings – Calendar Sync – Google Calendar Calls Reject Basic User Access: An error prevents basic users from authenticating with their Google credentials when they are setting up the calendar integration.

Tasks – Tasks – Completed Tasks Grid: The filter does not work.

Subscription Agreements Ready for Billing: Because of an issue with blank subscription follow-ups being generated, subscription notifications are temporarily disabled until that issue is resolved. In the interim, you can still manage subscriptions from the Subscription view in the Finance area.

Multi-Company Limitations on Setups: You can only set up creditor payment proposals, finance account groups, and the financial posting report (report 264) for the company that you are a member of.

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