Weekly schedule

The weekly schedule allows you to manage tasks and resources. Among other things, you can create new tasks, add existing tasks, and manage the resource allocation for each task.

Weekly schedule

Color Legend
Refer to the legends shown below to identify what specific booking mean through colors.

Display Options
Gives you filter options on how you want to display your weekly schedule.

Different views you wish to view your schedule.

  • Day view – 
  • Week view – 
  • Month view – 

Use the filters
Use the date-filter to view tasks and resources for specific periods. Setting a new date will show the tasks and resources for that specific day and the next 6 days.

Use the resource-filter to view tasks and resources for specific skills, companies, teams, departments, positions and employees.

Use the task-filter to view scope through tags, clients, job status, ticket status and task responsible.

Use the Job Dimensions to view scope through job project managers and account managers.

Other options may also be ticked such as given below.

Instant employee time usage overview
In the employee list you get an instant capacity overview for each employee. The green color in the date fields shows the used daily capacity for each employee. Dan Quale for instance has a daily capacity of 8.5 hours. 9 hours has been allocated on the third day which is over his capacity and 4 hours on his fourth day. Out of 42.5 weekly hours, 13 hours has been allocated to him for the chosen week.

Instant task progress overview
Clicking an employee in the upper section, will show his/her tasks in the lower section.

The toolbar highlighted below will give you many options to add, modify or delete tasks.

Create new task
Add a new task by clicking the “Create new task” button  in the lower toolbar, and fill in the necessary data in the dialogue box.

Add existing task
Add an existing task by clicking the “Add existing task” button   in the lower toolbar. In the dialogue box, you can select job & task, and fill in booked hours.

Add absence
Add an absence entry by clicking the “Add absence” button   in the lower toolbar. In the dialogue box, fill in the absence type and period of absence.

Move task to another resource
Move the task to another resource by clicking the “Move task…” button   in the lower toolbar, and select a new resource for the task.

Add more resources to the selected task
Add more resources to the selected task by clicking the “Add resources…”  button in the lower toolbar, and fill in resource and booked hours in the dialogue box.

Remove resource from task
Remove a resource to the selected task by clicking the “Remove resource…”  button in the lower toolbar.

Show Task Card
Show the task card of the job by clicking the “Show task card”  button in the lower toolbar.

Task card will show on the right side of the screen below Task contents:

  • Basic Settings  – where you can change the state priority, progress and period of the task.
  • Task conversation  – where resources can communicate on the related task.
  • Briefing  – where you can upload, edit or download a briefing of a task.
  • Booked resources  – where you can see the resources booked on the task.
  • Time entries  – where you will find the time entry, time entry log, task summary and job summary.
  • Docs  – where you can see uploaded documents related to the task.
  • Mail  – where you can see emails related to the task.
  • Task reminders  – where you can see general and task closure reminders.
  • Dependencies  and Task log .
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