Voucher Stapling


In version 8.4.0 voucher stamping has been reintroduced with additional features and functions. The purpose of voucher stamping is to add additional context to a voucher when either importing it into WorkBook or downloading the voucher from WorkBook.

We work with two different types of stamping:

  • Dynamic
  • Permanent

The primary option handles when a large red voucher number should be added to the top of the file, this number can either be permanent or dynamically embedded.
The secondary option added additional information dynamically when you download the file.


There are two system variables handling the voucher stamping configuration.

Number / Name Values Comment
950 / VoucherHandlingStamp
  1. Do nothing
  2. Stamp the file with the voucher number, permanently embedding it
  3. Add a temporary stamp, it is NOT permanently embedded to the file
If and when the voucher number should be added to the top of the voucher.
953 / VoucherDocumentInformationBox
  • <PrintedDate>
  • <CompanyName>
  • <VoucherNumber>
  • <CreditorNumber>
  • <CreditorName>
  • <ApprovalStatus>
  • <PaymentStatus>
  • <JournalNumber>
What information that should be displayed when adding the additional dynamic stamp, leave the option empty do disable the additional information, eks: <CompanyName><VoucherNumber>

Supported file types

  • .PDF
  • .PNG
  • .JPEG
  • .JPG
  • .GIF
  • .BMP


Here is a few stamps and their related configuration options.

950 / VoucherHandlingStamp

When using option 2 or 3 the voucher number stamped will look like this


953 / VoucherDocumentInformationBox

This option allows you to specify the parameters in a long string, this information is only displayed when downloading the file via WorkBook.
The configuration for the image below is as follows: <PrintedDate>;<CompanyName>;<CreditorNumber>;<CreditorName>;<ApprovalStatus>;<PaymentStatus>;<JournalNumber>


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