Agent 114 – Voucher hot IMAP agent


This agent makes it possible to import attached files from an external email account to WorkBook (Creditor invoice management)


We suggest you schedule this agent to run once every 5 minutes


Name Description Example
WorkBook Web Address The address for your Silverlight version of WorkBook
User login for the storage service No longer needed  –
Password for the storage service No longer needed  –
IMAP Server Address Full address to your IMAP server including port number. If the server is configured to use SSL, add the prefix ssl:// and leave out the port number ssl://myimapserver:993
IMAP User Login User name used for the IMAP account (this is often the full email address) or mydomain\myaccount
IMAP Password Password used for that IMAP account *******
IMAP Source Folder Folder where WorkBook locates the incoming emails – on most mail servers it will be “INBOX” INBOX
IMAP Destination Folder Where mails will be moved to after the import INBOX\Imported
Company State to which company this setup applies
Send reply after import Do you want the system to send a simple plain text mail in English indicating if the attachments has been imported?
Description Choose which option should be copied as the description in your Creditor Invoice Management

Examples of IMAP configurations

This is basic IMAP information on some of the most common IMAP providers

Office 365

IMAP Server Address ssl://
IMAP User Login
IMAP User Password ******

Settings for POP and IMAP access for Office 365 for Business or Microsoft Exchange accounts

Gmail and Google Apps

IMAP Server Address ssl://
IMAP User Login or
IMAP User Password ******

Get started with IMAP and POP3 – G mail help
Enable IMAP and POP for Google Apps

Allow less secure apps

In order to import attachments from mails on your Google Account, you need to enable to function called ‘Allow less secure apps’.

Go to My Account

In the section Sign-in & security, click Apps with account access

Change Allow less secure apps to ON

Additional settings

Storage provider setup

Your WorkBook needs to know where to archive the imported files, so make sure a folder path is stated. The folder must exist on the share connected to your WorkBook

We recommend that you create a folder for your vouchers/creditor invoices for each active company in your WorkBook.
In this example, the path to the folder is ‘BlueBird\Vouchers\Archive’. This is where creditor invoices attached to emails will be kept after they are imported to your WorkBook.

Click here to learn more about the initial setup of your storage provider

Voucher sequences

Make sure there’s a voucher sequence set up for your creditor invoices. When set up, a voucher number corresponding to the desired sequence will automatically be added to all imported creditor invoices.
To learn more about voucher sequences, click here

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