VAT Setup


From version 8.4 and up it will no longer be possible to have an inconsistent VAT rate configuration across the available combinations. This is to prevent errors while posting.

Below is an example of the described error: (Learn how to fix)

AR AP VAT code errors

Step-by-Step Guide

In This example we will add a Tax Code for Thailand on 7 %.

1. Go to Settings -> Finance -> VAT Settings and create a new VAT code

Create new VAT Code

2. Fill out Code and Description and choose whether you want to use this code on a debtor, creditor or both.

Fill new VAT Code final

3. As the last step you must fill out the VAT code combinations.

In this example we want a VAT for Thailand on 7 %. So the vat code combinations will be as the following:

Remember to set the “Valid from” date.

Half VAT                                                                                            No VAT                                                                                                     




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