Time entry description requirement

Time entry description

In V8, system variables 728 and 750 influence whether an “Internal” or “External” description is required on time entries:


Advanced users can control whether descriptions are required on a time entry on a job or task/ticket level.

Job level

You can access the finance settings within the job properties sidebar to designate whether descriptions are required on time sheet entries for the job. If it’s required on the job, all tasks are created with this requirement.

Task/ticket level

If you want to single out one task to require time entry upon, you can do so within the task card or ticket card underneath the basic settings.

System variables

Two system variables that will have an effect on the time description requirement are:

System variable 169: “Time entry description required” is set as default on new tasks in schedule. This setting is inherited when creating a time sheet entry.

System variable 566: “Description required” on time entry when created new jobs, default value.

When creating a new task, system variable 169 overrides the job setting. System variable 566 controls job default value.

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