Purchase Order

The Purchase Order sub-module in a job allows you to generate a purchase order to be approved internally and show future cost on the job.

Generate a purchase order

If there isn’t a purchase order on the job you will be prompted to create one.

NOTE: Once you create a new PO, this PO cannot be eliminated or erased. It can be “rejected” but it will remain in the job, without any impact. Once Cancelled/rejected, you will no longer be able to use this PO.


When you press “create new” it will generate a new purchase order


Copy data from job

In the purchase order, you have the possibility to copy data from another purchase order by using this iconskaermbillede-2016-10-17-kl-14-32-01. This will prompt the below menu with the options of which other purchase order to copy the data from:


The colors show if the purchase order is: under preparation (yellow), ready for approval (light blue), approved (green), settled (dark blue) or cancelled (red).


When you have created the purchase order you can fill in this data:

You are able to edit the title here.

Select a supplier from a list and the supplier address from the resources book will appear. Remember to fill the “in attention of”  person.

Sent from department:
Choose the sent from department at your company

Delivery date:
Set the delivery date. Today’s date is set as default.

Recipient address:
The purchase order address setup in the resources book is set as default. Remember to fill the “in attention of”  person.

Show you the status of the purchase order. This field is not editable.

Purchase order responsible:
This is set as the author as default. It is also possible to select a delivery responsible.

You must select an activity which is used for the profit margin and for the booking of the purchase order.

Order date:
This is set as default at today’s date.

Agreed price:
Fill in the price of the purchase order.

Approval and other options

With this icon skaermbillede-2016-10-17-kl-14-56-06 you can approve the purchase order. You can remove the approval with this icon skaermbillede-2016-10-17-kl-14-56-13.

You can also move the purchase order to another job if it was created on the wrong job. You do this by using this icon skaermbillede-2016-10-17-kl-14-56-29.

This will open a menu where you can search for the correct job and then move it to that job.


Use this icon to cancel the purchase order  skaermbillede-2016-10-17-kl-14-56-33

Use this icon to manually settle the PO with an invoice  skaermbillede-2016-10-17-kl-14-56-18

Use this icon to change the currency the purchase order is in 


You can also see the status that your purchase order is on. You do this in the right corner


When you click this icon you have the possibility to change the status



In the footer you have the possibility to change currency for the purchase order, payment terms, units and profit. These are marked on the picture



In this section you will setup a detailed description of the purchase order.

Add a new row
Click this button if you want to add a new row and fill in the details.skaermbillede-2016-10-17-kl-15-08-43

Delete a row
You delete a selected row by clicking this button.skaermbillede-2016-10-17-kl-15-08-47

Insert missing lines
To help you edit the purchase order you are able to insert missing lines from the current job type set when you created the job. Click this button. skaermbillede-2016-10-17-kl-15-09-00

Insert description
You are able to insert the description of the current job by clicking this button. skaermbillede-2016-10-17-kl-15-08-56

Delete lines with no data
You can delete all lines with no data with one click by using this button.skaermbillede-2016-10-17-kl-15-09-03

Delete all lines
If you want to delete all lines of the details you use this button.skaermbillede-2016-10-17-kl-15-09-10

Set order
The set order button sets the order of the lines to 1, 2, 3, etc.skaermbillede-2016-10-17-kl-15-09-14

Enable units

You can specify how many units of the different lines is costing and how many units you are buying. You do this by enabling this function:


This will enable 3 new columns in the details view.


If you have made these specifications you can’t change the agreed price in the price quote header.


When you have approved the purchase order, your name and approval date is shown under this tab. Here you will also see if there are any additional approvers (set under Settings-Company approvals-Purchase order approval) and you are able to manually add approvers if someone other than the pre-set people should approve your PO. You are able to see when the approvers have approved the purchase order or if they have rejected it, with date and comments.


Add an approver
Click this button if you want to manually add a new approver skaermbillede-2016-10-17-kl-15-33-28. You can also add the approver by initials skaermbillede-2016-10-17-kl-15-34-31

Delete an approver
You delete a selected approver by clicking this button. It is only possible to remove manually added approvers.skaermbillede-2016-10-17-kl-15-34-44

Accrued expense

In this section you see if there is any accrued expense on this purchase order.

If any accrued expense exists, this tab will show you the type of voucher, the voucher status (if it is for booking or already booked), the voucher number and the journal number if it is booked as well as the posting date.


You can automatically post the PO amount to an accrued PO Creditor in Finance – this could be the case if you want to get an overview of your future liabilities. So once the PO is approved, the total of this PO will automatically be ready to be posted in Project Postings, as a voucher (then when you receive the real voucher from your supplier, you can tie to the PO number and the accrued amount will be automatically reversed).

To enable accrued expense on the purchase order you need to set system variable 701 to automatically and create a creditor for the use of accrued expenses on the PO. This can only be done in the silverlight version. Ensure the creditor you create contains the same tax configuration of the vendors you will settle the PO with.




How to print

On the far right side of your screen you can click on the printer icon and have the option to create a .pdf or excel file of the purchase order.



Purchase order exceeds price quote

With System variable 464 you can control if a Purchase order should be approved if it exceeds the Price Quote on the job. This can only be done in the silverlight version.


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