Personal task list in Version 9


Individuals may review the tasks that they have been assigned to through the tasks module . The number in blue corresponds to the number of “unread” tasks that the user has been assigned, meaning that they have not yet reviewed the task on their todo list.

List view

There are a variety of ways to review your task information. First is the List view  .

Use the filter  to select what tasks you would like to currently review. In this example, the user has selected to review “All active” tasks. You can also use the various “hide” features and tag / ticket search to narrow down the items that display in this list.

Right-clicking on the grid headers allow you to modify the grid to your preferred specifications. You can hide and group upon any column in the grid.

Modify grouping/Hide columns

Hide columns

Select groupings

Review task information


Highlight the task you wish to review the briefing on, and click the briefing button . This gives you access to review the briefing that has already been uploaded, and edit it (if you have the access).


This button screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-4-04-31-pm allows you to access the conversation on the task and collaborate with the other resources assigned to it, or bring another colleague into the task conversation.

Task card

This button screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-4-04-18-pm allows you to open the entire task card to review all of the information associated with it, including the conversation and briefing. You can read more about the task card here.

Register time to a task

Clicking this icon screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-4-04-35-pm lets you quickly register time to your highlighted task, as well as set the task as a “Favorite,” add a personal comment, etc.

You can also right-click on a highlighted task to register time. You can either create a quick time entry, or you can also start / stop a timer on the task.

Mark a task as “Done”

When you finish your portion of the task you have been assigned to, you must mark yourself as “Done”. You can mark yourself as “Done” by clicking this icon screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-4-04-38-pm.

Right-click functionality also allows you to mark the highlighted task as “Done”.

Kanban view

You can also review your tasks in a kanban view screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-3-03-31-pm. The kanban allows you to drag-and-drop different tasks into different “buckets,” or stages, as you prefer. This is a personalized view to help you keep an eye on all of your tasks and your personal stages on them.

You can click any of the headers in order to make them disappear from the view, and clicking their minimized icon brings them back into focus.

You have access to all of the same filter and button capabilities as you do in the list view, and right-clicking still gives you access to the quick time entry and start / stop timer functionality.





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