Job creation

In Version 9 there are three methods of creating a job.

  1. From the Jobs module under job list you can use the “Create new job” button
  2. Anywhere in the system you can access the Quick menu and add new job
  3. Via a shortcut: Windows: Ctrl + Alt + J, Mac: Ctrl + Option + J


Job creation dialog size

You can set up how much detail you wish to enter upon creating a job. System variable 993 defines if it’s the simple, compact job create dialog or the more extensive.



Here you can see the difference between the simple job creation dialog and the more extensive.

Job creation setup in V8

Set number sequence

You can specify a job number sequence for the creation of new jobs by clicking this button . Please note that you cannot reuse a job number already used. The system will warn you, if you are trying to use a sequence already used previously.

Recalculate series

Use this button only if instructed by a WorkBook consultant.

Permission, From/To job no. and Method

If you would like to control what user type are able to create new jobs on a specific customer, this can be applied to the permission field. From/To job no. sets if this customer runs in a fixed predefined job number sequence and finally apply the Method to set how the system is to apply the next job number.

This is useful if you would like to make sure that all internal jobs are running in a fixed sequence (for example from 1-50) and only Admins are allowed to add new internal jobs.

Expenditures account

You can specify what finance account is to be set on the jobs under this customer, for expenditures being posted to the jobs. This is useful if for instance you want expenditures on internal jobs to be handled as operational costs as oppose to balance costs.

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