Access to Other Employee’s Time Sheet

It is possible for managers, traffic managers and time sheet approvers to have access to other employees time sheets provided they meet BOTH of the following conditions:

  1. cross-company time entry IS enabled, and
  2. is a manager of the employees and this includes resource managers and traffic managers.


In the HTML version of Workbook, the opportunity to see other other employees’ timesheets has been moved. Where it used to be in Time and expense, it has now been moved to Finance and administration under the menu item Cost entry.

In this guide, we show you how to set up the access rights for this page, so that the different managers have access to timesheets for the employees for which they are responsible. That is, if they do not have the permission to access the rest of the functions in finance and administration.

Please read our guide on access rights for roles before starting this guide. You can find the guide on access rights for roles right here: V9: Access rights for roles

Setting up a new access role

The first thing that you have to do, is to set up a new access role for the purpose. This is to make sure, that you are only allowing the managers and time sheet approvers access to other employees’ timesheets.

Please follow this guide on how to set up a new access role: Create new access role

Once you have created the new access role, assign it to the managers and time sheet approvers who need to have access.

Please follow this guide on how to assign employees a new access role: Moving resource to access role


Limiting access to F&A functions

IMPORTANT: It is also necessary to limit the access to functions in the Finance and Administration module, otherwise the employees will have access to all employees in the company.

In order to do this, you need to open the Access right control panel.

Please follow this guide on how to open the access right control panel: Access rights setup

Set the access to ‘No access‘ on the access role that you have created, on all the menu items except for Time sheet.

Finance and administration limited access

This is how the finance and administration module will look like, when you have limited the access to all the menu items except for time sheet. In the filter, the employee manager will only see the employees they are responsible for.

System variables

Sysvar 77:  when the system variable is enabled, managers will only be able to see the users they are responsible for in the absence drop-down. If it is disabled, only users with access to finance will be able to create absences for other employees.

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