Using the Personal Calendar


An easy way of getting the complete resource overview is to operate with calendar synchronization between Outlook and WorkBook for all users.

This guide will address the aspects hereof and best practices. Technical aspects / feature facts:

Administrators of WorkBook will set up calendar synchronization for all users centrally – and no users hence have to set that up themselves.

Once setup the effect of the synchronization will be the following:

1. Outlook appointments will be transferred to WorkBook.

2. To a “dummy” job named “Outlook calendar appointments”.

3. Outlook appointments cannot be edited within WorkBook – but they can be moved from the “dummy” job to a real client job.

4. If “#jobnumber” is included in the name of the Outlook appointment – the appointment will automatically be placed as a new task on the mentioned job – instead of just going to the “dummy” job. This is a highly recommended feature.

Opret kalender

5. Private appointments will be transferred to WorkBook also – but with “Private” as only visible information.

6. Time zones will be setup on employee level to handle different time zones automatically.

7. Bookings in WorkBook will be transferred to Outlook – and cannot be edited there. If deleted in Outlook it will reappear on next synchronization.

8. Also absence recordings in WorkBook (for instance vacation) will be transferred to Outlook.

How to use it:

The effect of the synchronization is that you will have 2 completely identical calendars – which will both show the expected Activities/tasks.

1. Use your Outlook calendar to organize meetings/appointments with clients etc. completely like you are used to.

2. Use WorkBook to arrange Activities in between Outlook appointment. This can easily be done in the personal calendar:

Change view to “Working week view”:

Working week view - personal calendar

Right click to add a new task and booking directly in the personal calendar: (Click and drag your mouse to mark the task’s period of time)

Task period of time - personal calendar new task

Add a new booking to an existing task directly in the personal calendar:

Task period of time - personal calendar

Free re-sizing (=duration) and moving with drag-and-drop:

Drag and dorp

Risk-free deletion of a single booking simply by right-clicking (does not delete the task). Not possible on Outlook appointments:

Delete task


There are multiple benefits from using the personal calendar combined with Outlook integration:

1. Do your time entry directly from the personal calendar by right-clicking:

Make time entry

If system variable 746 is set to ‘1 – recalculate immediately’, the task will be removed from the personal calendar, as the allocation to that time is no longer relevant. If this is not desired, set the system variable value to ‘2  – Don’t recalculate’.


2. How much work is planned on our different clients – and who is to do it?

How much work is planned

3. Valuable insight to short-medium-long term capacity status:

Gantt view valuable insight

4. Valuable insight to available resources in an ad-hoc situation:

Valuable insight

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