Using filters in WorkBook

Setting up the filter

Start by setting up the filter you would like to save. Navigate to the view or module where you would like to save a filter (saving a filter is not available in all views yet). If the filter sidebar is not open, click the filter icon – the funnel – in the top right corner to open the sidebar.

In this example, we find ourselves in the Weekly schedule that can be found in the Scheduling module.

I find that sometimes I quickly need to overview the bookings and tasks of my designers that know html5. So I enter this information under the scope in the filter sidebar – notice how I’ve chosen “intersection” in the filter to scope on employees where both criteria are met.

Saving a filter

Once you have set the filter up with the scope you wish, it’s time to save the filter. This is done by clicking the save icon to bring out the corner of the filter sidebar.

Clicking the save icon will bring out a context menu and here you can select “Save current filter” to bring up the save filter dialog. Here you can choose a fitting name for your filter. I’ve chosen “Designers that know html5” so I always can remember what the filter is for. Click “OK” to finally save your new customized filter. WorkBook will save your filters even after you close your browser, so once the filter is saved you can always access it from your user.

Using a saved filter

It is quite simple to use a previously saved filter. Merely click the drop-down next to the save icon in the filter sidebar and find the previously saved filter you are looking for. Selecting it will instantly load the filter settings, rendering the data within the filter scope you had saved.

Editing a saved filter

Should you need to alter a previously saved filter you simply load the filter (follow the steps above) from the drop-down and alter it to satisfy your new wishes for the filter. In this example, I wish to group designers that know html5 and are freelancers. Then you click the save icon and in the filter sidebar and when the save filter dialog appears, select the filter you wish to replace and click “OK”.

Deleting a filter

Should you ever need to delete a previously saved filter, simply select the filter you wish to delete from the drop-down and left-click the save-filter button and choose “Delete current filter”.

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