How to use travel time in activities

This video shows you how to use Travel Time, in activities.


 Step-by-Step guide

1. Click Settings, then Price lists & activities, and tick the “Travel Time” box on your desired activity.

In this example we will choose activity 145, with the activity name “Developer”.

2. Now you’ve activated Travel Time on your activity.


Now let’s go to the job where our activity is assigned.

First click Jobs, then choose your job, then click the icon which says “Job properties sidebar” when you hoover your cursor above it.

3. From here you click “Job invoicing settings”, which is the page with a cogwheel icon, as seen below.

Then in the “Time entry travel time” row, you select your preferred method. In this example we chose the Fixed Price, and put in 600.

Now lets go to expenditures on our job.


4. Here it is important to note that the fixed price we chose in travel time, does not take effect until an invoice has been made.

The cost total does not show the hourly rate of 600 as we entered earlier.

Lets go to Invoice on our job to check this.

How to use travel time in activities 4


5. First you click the page icon to create a new invoice.

Then you choose Final invoice.

And lastly you choose to import data from “Expenditures current job”

Now hit OK

How to use travel time in activities 5


6. After you’ve created an invoice, jump to “Invoice lines” as seen below.

You can now see that our activity nr. 145 – Developer has an hourly rate of 600 as we chose earlier.

You’ve now learned how the “travel time ticker box” affects your activities and how to use it.

How to use travel time in activities 6



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