How to use the job filter in Version 9

This article will tell you how to use the new job filter design.

The job filter has gotten a new design. This also means that you use the job filter in a slightly different way

Job status

The icons are the same colour as the job status shown in the job list.

Client & groups

This filter shows you different ways to see the clients.

You can sort in different ways. You can sort på a client list, client group, client type or the different clients.


Under properties you can sort on different properties. On project manager, support jobs, open cost, open invoices, companies, product status e.g.


In this field you can chose the different dimensions that you have set up under settings, job types and countries.


Under the job settings you can set different tags for the job. In this field you can sort by the different tags that you have created.


You can also sort on the contact user for the job. The list is sorted by customers and you can use the field to type the contacts name or the clients name

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