Usability mode

Using this feature may cause WorkBook to crash and data to be lost!

Usability level

WorkBook offers the feature of previewing new features and functionality. Depending on whether System variable 454 is on or off you will have access to 5 levels of “release statuses”.

These five levels are: concept, design, alpha, beta, public and can be found by clicking on your avatar in the upper left corner and the navigating to “My settings”.

“Concept” being the earliest stage of a release and “public” being the final stage in the release of new features.


From “My settings” you should find “Language and formatting options” that has the icon of a key. This is where you will find the five usability modes, if System variable 454 is set to “on”.


Changing usability mode from “Public”

To change your “release status” from “Public” can and will have effect on how WorkBook functions. This depending on the level you set it to, more and more unfinished functions unlock. This can be used for previewing and testing purposes but we do not recommend it.

Should you decide to change your “release status” we recommend that you enable the “Show release states for pages and elements” option. This will clearly mark the not-yet released functions in colors indication they mig not work or are not ready for release yet.


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