Updating WorkBook


Updating an existing WorkBook installation is typically a painless project, internally we make sure that all versions marked with Beta or Stable has been tested on a wide range of database before gaining this status, ensuring that the update will complete.

However, in a few rare cases the update tool will fail. If the update fails during a backend update (Major version to Major version) the full update will be rolled back to the state it was in before the update started.
If the update fails during a patch update, a rollback is impossible.
Whenever an update fails, please contact WorkBook Support.


To update an installation, start by installing the WorkBook Update Tool from http://update.workbook.net

After starting the update tool you need to connect to the WorkBook Database by either:

  • Selecting an existing web.config file located inside an existing website using the “Browse” button
  • Configuring the connection string manually by filling out the required information.

Next we look to the “Update” panel where we select the steps that we wish to use during our update. When moving between versions “Patch & Static Data” are always required, if you wish to move between major versions as well select the “Backend” option.
Now select what type of access you wish to enable for WorkBook, for newer versions “Silverlight” and “V9” should be selected.

See the HTTPS section in the bottom if you are in doubt about these options.

You can now start the update by clicking the “Start” button, this will start the update process.


WorkBook supports HTTPS on both Version 8 and Version 9, to enable HTTPS on the websites pick one of HTTPS options when updating.
When HTTPS is enabled the users will be forced to connect via HTTPS.

Picking the correct HTTPS option can be tricky, “Use HTTPS” without “Reverse Proxy” is the most often used configuration.

Use “HTTPS” when SSL is terminated by the web server.

Use “HTTPS Reverse Proxy” when SSL is terminated by a proxy or appliance.


WorkBook and the WorkBook Agent must always run on the same version. Click here to find a guide on how to update the WorkBook Agent.

Troubleshooting Updates

Access Denied

If you are denied access to a file path, try running the update application with elevated permissions.


If a deadlock happens during a “backend” update, attempt running the update again.

If a deadlock happens during a minor version change, contact WorkBook Support.

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