Update Currency Rates Automatically (Parameters)

A currency import agent simplifies the process of updating currency rate tables using the exchange rate from your preferred central bank. It also eliminates the possibility of introducing errors into the system when the currency rate tables are updated manually.

NOTE: For the currency import agent to retrieve the currency exchange rate from a central bank, the currency associated with that central bank must first be defined in the system. For example, if you want WorkBook to retrieve the currency exchange rate from the European Central Bank, you must first define the EUR currency in the system. For information on how to define currencies in WorkBook, see Currency Definitions and Currency Rates .

Use the parameters in the Parameter tab in Settings » Advanced tools to specify how the currency import agent should update the rate table in Workbook.

  • Rate table (Blank = update all rate tables): Deltek recommends leaving this field to its default setting (None) to allow the currency import agent to update all rate tables.
  • Which bank exchange service to use: Specify the central bank from which the currency import agent will retrieve the currency exchange rate. If your preferred central bank is not on the list, contact the WorkBook Customer Care Team at  support@workbook.net.
  • Use the agent run date as currency rate date (otherwise use the date provided by the bank): If you do not select this option, WorkBook uses the date provided by the selected central bank to determine the exchange rate.

For more information about how to add and configure agents, see Add WorkBook Agents.

NOTE: Deltek recommends running the currency import agent once a day using a setup that allows WorkBook to use the currency exchange rate from the end of the banking day.

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