Traffic task list

A video introduction to the task list:

The Traffic task list allows you to get an overview of all tasks and resources in a list style view. There are many filters to choose from which makes this view different than the other scheduling views.

Task list


You can use the search field to search for a specific task. If you double click on the task the task card will open, allowing you to review the conversation and add a new comment, as well as accessing other relevant information, by clicking on the different tabs located vertically on the task card .


In the upper menu bar you will see 3 different drop-downs and to the right various buttons to control what data to see in the grid.

Task date selection
In the first drop down you set the Task date selection criteria.

All active Shows all active tasks
Today Shows all tasks due today
Today + due Shows all tasks due today and due overall
Due deadline Shows all tasks due
Tomorrow Shows all tasks due tomorrow
Next 7 days Shows all tasks that are to be completed within the next 7 days
Next week Shows all tasks that are to be completed within the next week
Next month Shows all tasks that are to be completed within the next month
Later Shows all tasks that are to be completed within the next month and later
Active between dates Selecting this enables date to/from input fields
Completed today Shows all tasks completed today
Completed yesterday Shows all tasks completed yesterday
Completed last 7 days Shows all tasks completed the last 7 days
Completed last month Shows all tasks completed within the last month
Completed all Shows all tasks completed

Task priority filter
In the next drop down you can choose a priority filter.

Job status filter
In the last drop down you can limit the grid to show only jobs with a specific status.

Additional filtering
In the section highlighted below you can then filter on various other dimensions, such as Customer or Task responsible. If you select Task responsible you get a list of all tasks added by you. Use this to check up on the progress on each one. Remember you can double click to see additional task details on the task card.

Additional grouping
By clicking on the Grouping button you can group data in the grid by the selection made. In the example below the Customer grouping has been selected.

Create new task / Set task as done
By clicking on the Create new task you can add a new task. By clicking on the Set task as done the selected task is set to done.

Task details

By clicking on the Task information button you can toggle the Task detail view either to be placed in the bottom, to the right or off.

Task details
Task briefing: enables you to see or import a briefing to the task selected (as seen in the screenshot above).
Task settings: shows all the details from the task selected.

Documents: shows all the documents from the job. You can also download/upload new documents.
Job briefing: shows the job briefing (which can differ from the task briefing).
Job description: shows the job description.

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