Time sheet settings

This article describes some of the system variables and settings that applies to time entry in the time sheet.

You use the time sheet to enter your time done during your day. Both internal time, absence and billable time are to be entered in the time sheet and we emphasise that you enter your time on a regular basis (every day). Each user has a capacity profile in their user setup tab which states the Basic time that must be entered every day in order to complete the time sheet.

Rounding of time
If you want to enter 15 minutes you’ll type in 0.25
If you want to enter 30 minutes you’ll type in 0.50
If you want to enter 45 minutes you’ll type in 0.75

Additional rounding of time
You can setup WorkBook to automatically round-up time. If the user types in e.g. 0.08 that figure can be rounded-up to 0.25. Please see System variables at the end of this document for setting up the round-up factor.

System variables

This section applies to various system variables that can be set in WorkBook. System variables are found under Settings/Global system settings/System variables.

Setting no. and name Description / recommendation
503: Enable flexible working hours handling This variable will enable the flexible working hours handling system that automatically will calculate how much overtime an employee have accumulated through entering hours on the time sheet. If this setting is enabled the user only needs to enter the hours they actually work. We have no recommendation.
541: Allow negative time registrations Allows the user to fill in negative time entries. Useful for admin purposes.
184: Cost price calculation method How should WorkBook calculate the cost price on time entries? The system has 3 options:
1. Calculate by activity type
2. Calculate by employee
3. Cost price equals sales price

Our recommendation is option 2.

183: Set hour round up when filling in time registration If a user is filling in 10 minutes but you bill the customer for minimum 15 min (or more), then the system can force a round-up. There are different values to choose from. We recommend in most cases 15 minutes being the minimum.
567: Supplementary description required on time registrations not assign to a task If there is no task available to enter the time on this setting will require the user to enter a comment.
140: Allow administrator to move hours Allows moving hours between jobs for an Administrator.
141: Allow project administrator to move hours Allows moving hours between jobs for a Project Manager.
173: Allow move hours between companies Allows hours to be moved between jobs belonging to different companies.
172: Allow move hours behind finance close date (only administrator) This allows hours to be moved even if the accounting period is closed.


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