Time sheet compliance

WorkBook offers the possibility to remind employees to fill out their missing time sheet registrations.

Setting it up

Global setting

First, we have to set up how long in the past WorkBook looks at incomplete timer sheet registrations. Navigate to the “Settings”, find “System variables” and search for “896” to locate System variable 896.

You can set the system up to look at:

  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months


Employee setting

Once the global time frame for time sheet registrations have been set up, the feature should be enabled on each employee.

Use the initials field to bring up the employee card and navigate to employee basic settings.


The effect

Next time the employee logs in he is prompted with a “Time entry incomplete” dialog that looks like this:

Incomplete time sheet

From here the employee can add jobs and tasks to register time on.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If an accounting period has been closed, this will LOCK OUT the user until they either approve the day without adding hours, or a system administrator removes this pop-up from their employee settings. Additionally if system variable 917 is enabled, the user will not be able to approve the day until they have entered enough time to cover their basic time for the day.

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