Time Entry dialogue to appear upon login

This option allows you to force that the user enters his time entry, before being allowed a full login to the system. This is efficient when specific users are not filling in their time sheet in a timely manner.

You enable it on a user level, under Settings – Employees – Employee settings – Basic settings as seen below.

When the user have entered their login information, this pop-up window appear, and the user cannot access other parts of the system, before the time sheet has been entered.

The upper section shows the days that havent been filled in and the lower section shows the jobs that are on the time sheet. The user can add additional jobs or fill in absence, using the buttons provided.

Once the day has been filled in, click on the Approve button to submit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If an accounting period has been closed, this will LOCK OUT the user until they either approve the day without adding hours, or a system administrator removes this pop-up from their employee settings.

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