Time entry price update

Use the Time entry price update to update cost- and sales price for time entries on jobs. As an example, if you have started a job with the wrong price list attached you can use this functionality to update the time entries on the job with the right prices.

We strongly advise not to make changes to journalised entries before fully understanding what it is you are doing.

Time entry price update

Choose what company to update jobs on.

Choose what customer you would like to update prices for. Leaving this option out will allow updating all jobs in the selected company.

Choose a specific job to update. Leaving this option out will allow updating all jobs on the selected customer.

You can limit the update to a specific period.

Update cost- and sales price
You can choose if you would like to update both cost- and sales price or only one of them.

Include jobs with status
Select which jobs that should be covered with the update.

Update journalized entries

Updates booked time entries that are in Status 60. This will create a new time entry on the date you specified if it has not been locked for editing.

If you input a date in the date picker field, it will place the new journalised entries on this date in the journal. This means that if you have made an error you will be unable to identify the original time entry.

NOTE: It is advisable when updating the sales and cost prices to only use small date ranges. Due to the demanding nature of the task, using a large date span will likely impact system performance.

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