Time entry approval setup

Time entry approval flow

In this section you can set approvers for all time entries. You can choose a role e.g. ‘Project Manager on job’ who has to approve an entry or you can set a general approver and choose an employee.


Add role

You can add an approver role by clicking this button and choose from a list.  

Update approvers

You can update all entries with approvers by clicking this button.  Use this button if you have changed an existing workflow, and you want to apply the changes to any unapproved records.


Once you have something for approval, you will get a notification in your Conversation & Notification inbox.

If you are an approver the notification will hold both your own time entries that are under preparation and the ones from other employees that needs approval.

Notice how Alex López is logged in and has to approve time entries for other and his own.

Removing an already approved time entry

If you want to remove the approval from a time entry, there are two options:

1. Have the user unapprove themselves using this button in the time sheet:

2. Go to this list, and select the approval status, user and mark the entries and click the Unapprove button.

Important: both options can only be used for non-financial booked time entries.

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