The Task Card


This article will walk you through one of the essential components of WorkBook – the “Task card“. It consists of three parts:

  1. The header
  2. The toolbar
  3. The content

Task card

The header

In the header you’ll find information about task name, the job the task is on, the client the job is on and the project manager for the job.

The toolbar

In the toolbar you will find access to a few different options connected to the task:

  • Settings
  • Conversation
  • Briefing
  • Bookings
  • Time entries
  • Documents
  • Mail
  • Checklist
  • Task reminders
  • Task bindings
  • Task log

The content

This is where the content of each tab from the toolbar is shown.


Task card: Settings

From the “Settings” you can control the details in the task: the name, the phase, the activity type, who is responsible, who should approve, the start and end dates and the financial settings of the task. Hitting the burger menu screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-2-38-38-pm on the task card settings gives you access to features such as “Move to another job” and “Duplicate task”.



From here you can upload files and talk to your co-workers regarding the specific task.

You can also add new people to the conversation, using the “add user” button in the left corner.

You can also find options in the hamburger menu in the right corner:

  • Unsubscribe the conversation
  • Add user
  • Unfavourite
  • Get deep link to the conversation
  • Show in inbox
  • Add reminder
  • Convert comment to task
  • Conversation subscriber settings
  • Clean up resources
  • Delete conversation



From here you can view the briefing if the task has one or upload a new one using the controls on the top toolbar.


Task booking

Under the tab “Booking” you can see how many hours a resource has been booked, if there are hours that aren’t booked, how much time they have used and time remaining.

If you wish to make a change to the manual bookings then you need to use this icon: skaermbillede-2016-10-03-kl-12-58-59. It will only be shown in the list view.

This icon skaermbillede-2016-10-03-kl-13-00-39 will show you the capacity options are on the task. Here you can set if you can use off-days on bookings, allow overbooking or what kind of booking level.


Time entries

Time entries

From here you can access four tabs:

  • Time entry – own time entries
  • Time entry log – the log for the task
  • Task summary – summarized view for time entries on the task
  • Job summary – summarized view for time entries on the job the task is on


The Documents tab is where you can quickly find previously added documents or documents that have been uploaded via the conversation view, described above.



Create new checklists for the task or view old ones here. All sorts of checklist items are available to customize your checklist.


Task reminders


Reminders are very useful for – yes – reminding yourself of different things. In this example David Coloma has a comment regarding the budget for the task.

Task log

Should you ever wonder who did what and when, this is where you’ll find it. Find what you search for under the three tabs:

  • Concentrate after day
  • All details
  • Approval log

Task card: Task log


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