System variable 993: Simple dialog when creating new job


The System variable 993 can be used to control the amount of information you can enter in the “Create job” dialog.

With the advanced “Create job” dialog you will have access to values like:

  • Who is the Project manager on the job?
  • Who is the Account manager on the job?
  • What Price list should be used?
  • Who is the client contact?
  • Job end date
  • Who can enter time on the job?
  • Who is the client contact?
  • Is the job billable or not?

All of these values can always be set after creating a job.

Change System variable 993

Should you like to change the dialog, navigate to “Settings“, “System variables“. Search for “993“.

The result

Here’s the result of using the full versus the simple “Create job” dialog.


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