System variable 672: Sync creditors & suppliers

System variable 672 allows you to set your sync settings between your creditors and suppliers.

The options are as follows:

  • 0 – It will not sync between your creditors and suppliers.
  • 1 – It will sync based on the suppliers.
  • 2 – It will sync based on the creditors (only new creditors).


These settings may require a log out / in in order to take effect.

1 – Synchronize based on suppliers

Setting the System variable to 1 – Synchronize based on suppliers the system will automatically create missing creditors.

This happens in the general maintinance agent.

2 – Synchronize based on creditors (only new creditors)

The system will not create any suppliers from already created creditors and you can even refrain from having the supplier created when creating a creditor.

There is a check box when creating a new creditor that allows you to control if a new supplier should be created.

For creditors created before the system variable was set to “2 – Synchronize based on creditors” a supplier should manually be created.

It is our recommendation that once System variable had been set it should never be changed.

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