Customer Care (Support)


Everyone needs a helping hand once in a while, but what should you do when the colleagues in the office are not able to help you out?
You contact us!
We at WorkBook Customer Care are here to help you, small question or huge once will will figure it out for you.
Providing you with Guides, troubleshooting, phone calls etc. we are here for you and we will do all we can to help you along the way of using the WorkBook Product.

Getting in contact

No matter the size of the questions you should never hesitate on picking up the phone or pull forth the laptop. You can get in touch with us in multiple ways, where the easiest are by Mail or with a standard phone call.


Write us an email at
After submitting an email a inquiry a confirmation mail will be send.

When one from the Customer Care Team replies back to the inquiry another mail will be send with a direct link to the Customer portal, that will redirect to a page where you can review the latest comments from the Team and also leave a new comment, and if you want, you can also include links and attachments.

Your email will be picked up by us and our ticket system will automatically give you an auto-reply back that looks like this:

Please make sure to check your spam or junk folder to make sure you receive our replies.
To ensure that you receive our mails please white-list mails from Refer to this guide on how to white-list from various email systems.

The response time to an inquiry depends on the complexity of the question asked. We strive to answer all questions within 4 hours, and we do that in almost 90% of all cases.
Please note: Some questions demand specialized skills to answer, and if a question cannot be answered within 4 hours we will do our best to give you a reply back to tell you we are working on your case and a possible ETA.


After an inquiry is closed a survey will be send out. The survey will give you the oppotunity to give some feedback which is something that we really appreciate, as we are always looking for ways to improve the Customer Experience.
We do really appreciate if you would take the time to complete it, as it will give us a chance to understand in which factors will should improve.


Even though we recommend you to use the email functionality you are always welcome to get in direct contact with one from the Customer Care team, you can simply just dial in, we are here for you!
No matter where in the world you are we have a hotline number you can use.

Hotline phone numbers

North America: +1 412-927-1222

EMEA: +45 70 20 33 18

Singapore: +65 65 91 87 77

Vietnam: +84 (0) 8 6299 4199

Sydney: +612 9119 2905

Hong Kong: +852 5801 0007

China: +86 2 180 245 663

Office hours

EMEA: 09.00 AM – 04.00 PM CET

North America: 09.00 AM – 05.00 PM EST

APAC: 07.00 AM – 05.00 PM SGT


What is covered in the support and update services?

  • Questions regarding the WorkBook product of how to use it that have not been covered in the initial training.
  • Reporting of error in the Program and follow-up on corrections of the error within timeframes set forth in this Annex 2 (On-Premises Program) and Annex 4 (Hosted Program) (no additional charge is added for error fixing).
  • Access to Program user documentation (manuals and training videos).
  • Access to new updates of the Program including Release Notes (written documentation on changes to the Program). Updates are installed outside of normal business hours and can cause downtime while the update is being installed.
  • Access to our Hotline telephone during normal business hours (see bottom page).
  • Access to webinars training.

What is NOT covered in the support and update services?

  • Changes to report layout in the Program such as changing the customer logo/watermark.
  • Changing document templates in the Program (Licensee can change the templates in the Program).
  • Additional user training after going live, meetings or implementation services.
  • Changing or installation of the Program on Licensee’s servers (i.e. switching from Hosted Program to On-Premises Program).
  • Changing of storage provider to another server (or support regarding clean up in file archive)
  • Changing of data (e.g. creating new users, lost passwords, reopening of jobs, changing system basic settings).
  • Fixing isolated (narrowed down to 1-2 computers) IT problems like printer preferences, access problems, performance issues, problems related to having installed other software that conflicts.


Remember that we are here for you!


Kasper Torian, Sr. Customer Care Manager

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