Substitute employee

How it works

In Workbook you are able to setup substitutes for your employees. If an employee is sick or on a holiday then the approval of anything that needs approval, like vouchers, time entries eg. will be passed on to the substitute. The substitute will be in charge of approval as soon as the original approver has absence. This is different on vouchers though, but more on that later.

This prevents anything important from not being posted during holidays and the like.

Setup of substitute employees

A substitute employee is specified in Employee settings as seen in the picture below.

If Barbara Taylor registers any kind of absence, it will instead be John Smith responsibility to approve in his place.

Systemvariable 690

A voucher is the exception to the rule, as the system variables let you control how many days must pass before the substitute approver takes over.

The amount of allowed days a voucher may have status 20 – For approval, depends on the number specified in system variable 690.

System variable 690 is for Creditor vouchers only.

After specifying a maximum numbers of days, substitute employees will then be used.

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