Subsistence allowance

Subsistence allowance is money paid to an employee travelling on company business, to cover the cost of spending on business travel, meals, hotels, sundry items such as laundry (though usually only on long trips) and similar ad-hoc expenditures.

An organisation may refund or reimburse these costs on the basis of an itemised list, or may conclude that cost of doing so is disproportionately high and instead pay a per diem (per day, “day money”) allowance. This provides a budget from which the traveller may recover their costs. In this case, the traveller may choose to stay in more expensive hotels (for example) and pay the additional cost themselves.

Add new entry
Add a subsistence entry by clicking the button and then use the sidebar on the right to select the job that this subsistence should be linked to, which subsistence type this is, the date period/how many units should be included and a comment.

Deleting entries
You can delete entries by clicking on the Delete button 

Click on the Approve button to submit the entry for additional approval. 

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