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You use the Subscription Management to add new subscriptions. Subscription agreements can be setup in Settings/Finance/Subscription agreement setup.

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Adding a new subscription
You can add a new subscription by clicking the Add new button. In the window you chose:
Subscription: chose the type of subscription created in the Subscription agreement setup.
Subscription no.: unless the system is suggesting a number (can be setup) fill in a unique number.
Start date: from what date should this subscription should start from.
End date: what date should this subscription end or choose continuous.
Client: what customer does this subscription belongs to.
Company: to what company does this subscription relate to.
Debtor: to what debtor should this subscription be billed to.
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Once a new subscription has been added you decide what items should be billed. The system will automatically add the items that are included in the subscription type. You can remove items or add new items by clicking these buttons:

Qty: The number of items that the customer should be billed for.
Start date: the start date for billing this item.
Sales price: equals a one-time fee to be billed. If no one-time fee should be billed leave the field empty.
Fee price: the subscription fee to be billed. If no fee should be billed leave the field empty.
Discount: you can define a % discount.

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Invoice specification
In the invoice specification you can set the following:
Currency: billing currency
Invoice debtor: the billing debtor
Invoice interval, type and Invoice interval no.: this matrix sets how often the system should bill this subscription.
For example: Setting the interval to “Month” and “No.” to 1 would have the system bill once every month. The exact date is calculated by providing a value in the Last invoice date.
Another example: Setting the interval to “Year” and “No.” to 2 would have the system bill 2 times every year.
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Invoice Layout
You can set the defaults for various invoice fields. Select the + buttons to insert generic data, for example FROMDATE – TODATE as shown in the example.
Please note that Job name suffix is required.
Invoice template ID: since you cannot set any layout defaults (such as Show activity lines, Show phases) you can use an existing invoice layout as a default by filling in the invoice ID in this field.

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Invoice history
Shows the billing history.

In this tab you can set various delivery defaults.

In this tab you can set various attributes. Attributes are set in Settings/Pipeline Management setup/.

Contact persons
In this tab the contact persons from the customer is listed. You can create new contact persons here as well.

In this tab you can set various dimensions for the subscription to be related to. This is useful if you want to run dimensional based reporting afterwards.

In this tab you can add your own notes.

In this tab you see a log of changes.

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Invoicing through the subscription management
Once you are ready to do the billing click on this button to simulate the items/amounts to be invoiced.
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By providing an invoice date in the window the system will calculate the subscription invoice amount.

Clicking OK – Generate will create a job with a corresponding invoice, you can also choose to email it directly from here!
Note: It’s also possible to setup a schedule in the Agent system for automated billing. Setting up an agent will trigger the Make invoice function to run eg. once every day/week/month.

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