Sharefile integration


This guide will help you to setup a Sharefile to use with WorkBook as a storage provider.

Installation and configuration

Step 1

Navigate to the storage provider setup page by going to Settings > Folders, reports & documents > Storage and folders > Storage provider

Step 2

Add the Sharefile as a storage provider option

Step 3

Now you should be able to enter the information in order to make the Sharefile connect to WorkBook.

APIAddress and ApplicationControlPlane should be kept at its default value.

If the two fields comes up empty, use the template below to fill in.

The rest of the fields should be filled out accordingly:

  • APIAddress:
  • ApplicationControlPlane:
  • Password: Enter the password used to login onto the FileShare
  • SubDomain: This is where to put the user’s ShareFile subdomain. For example, if a ShareFile is accessible through, the subdomain equels to the mycompany part
  • Username: Enter the username used for logging onto the FileShare.

Step 4

In order to verify the connection is successful, you’ll have to activate the storage provider and click the “Test storage provider” button.

Upon clicking the “Test storage provider” button, a new dialogue will prompt. Enter a variable text string and hit the “Run test”

If the test is successful, it will show green ticks all the way

If any errors should occur, it will state which kinds of issues the test encountered

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