Setting up a new portal

To setup a new portals go to Settings/Portals/Portal setup and click the Add button. Provide a name for the portal. The name will be shown here:

User access
In order to give access to your customer contacts go to the User access tab and click the Add button and then select a contact from the list.

Provide a username and a password for the user.

For each user you give access you can define exactly what customers the user have access to. This makes sense as you might have our customer divided into several customers (for example for each customer brand/product). In that case you control what customer the user have access to.
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You can also set if the customer should be able to edit the job or task briefing and if they should be able to edit the job description

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Under company settings you can give the customer access to see jobs and create jobs and tasks

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Download the Customer Portal Guide and sent it to your portal users along with their username and password.
The user will logon to WorkBook on the same web address/URL as you. Once the user is logged in they will only see data that are shared and not all data from your WorkBook.

Allow portal users to create new jobs

Admins can change access settings so that portal users can create new job. By default portal users do not have access to create new jobs.

  1. From the Profile pic drop-down (1), go to My settings (2) > Language and Formatting options (3). Scroll down to Access rights settings and click on the ‘Show the access right control panel’ button.
  2. To give a portal user access to the job book, you need to have the job book visible because the ‘Element access right selectory’ dialog will update according to the page you are on. Select the arrow on ‘Job Book List’ to show the children pages.
  3. Click on ‘Contact create new job’ (1). Ensure Portal user has Full access (2). Click on the arrow to access the children pages (3).
  4. The last step is to ensure Portal user has Full access (2) to Contact basic job settings, Contact job detail description and Contact job briefing (1) by clicking into each of the options.


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