Job Request Form for contact users


This guide will show how to setup the configuration for contact user’s Job Request Form.

The setup

If a contact needs to be able to make jobs, there are two things that need to be set up:

  1. On the contact card – Contact access – Create job (tab): Add the client(s) on which you want to give the contact access to create jobs.
  2. In Settings – Contact new job request: The Client(s) you want the contact to be able to create Jobs on has to be added to a template.

Client contact settings


Contact new job request


  1. Add a new template / Remove selected template.
  2. These checkboxes add fields to the create job dialog for the contact.
  3. Choose what Company your contact user can create jobs for.  The fields will be locked if the “No limitations” box is checked. To unlock the field, simply remove the check in the box.
  4. Allow your contact users on this template to only access certain Job types. The field will be locked if the “No limitations” box is checked. To unlock the fields, simply uncheck the box.
  5. The tags you choose here will be available for the contact to use.
  6. This button enables/disables the detail description page in the “Create job” dialog
  7. Add Clients to the template. Clients can only be added to 1 template, and multiple Clients can be added to the same template.
  8. This allows you to make a custom header or message in the top banner of the job request dialogue

Job type setup

  1. Add/Remove Job type detail
    The job type details you add here are the ones that will show up in the “Job detail description grid.” Contact users will be able to write in the free-form description the answers to your Job Request questions depending on the Job type.

Request job: Basic job settings



  1. The Job requestor can pick from the clients that have both been added to a template and that they have access to create jobs on (as set up on the “Client contact”).
  2. The companies that were added on the template can be picked here.
  3. Job types added on the template can be picked here.
  4. The tags that were added on the template can be picked here.
  5. The comment written here will be written as the first conversation comment on the default job conversation.
  6. Job requestor can set a date for “Expected delivery.”
  7. Job requestor can set a Budget (Budget will be written on the job conversation).
  8. If “Job detail description grid” has been checked on the template, this button will be a blue “Next” button. If the box is not checked, this button will be green with the text “Ok.”

Detail description

  1. Here, the job requestor is able to write in the description column.
  2. Allows the user to go back to “Basic job settings” and change things.
  3. “Ok” button creates the job.

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