Set up several support inboxes in version 8

This feature is available from version 8.3.6 and above

Go to Settings – Advanced Tools – Agent Setup. Create a new one called Mail Import Public Agent (118).

The more agents you create, the more inboxes you set up.

When you have created your agent, don’t forget to uncheck the test mode column. In the rightmost column you can choose whether you want this agent to only apply to a specific company (for instance if you have support mails for each company).


Now set the agent as active and decide on the interval in which you want the agent to run. You can set the type to minute, hour, day, week, months, year and run only once. The interval decides the amount of units between each run.

The first time you set up the agent, you have to fill in the parameters with details from your mail server.

The “Storage Service” mentioned is WorkBook – so here you would type in a WorkBook administrator username and password.

Now go into your personal settings (found in the topright corner). In the Conversations & Notifications tab, you type in the names for the support emails you want to be notified about. If you leave the field blank, you will be notified of all incoming emails.


In this case, I will only be notified of new incoming mails to and

In the Documents & Emails tab, you can now choose to only see your watched inboxes, from where you can continue your work as usual.


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