System variable 933: Set Assigned to when creating new ticket

This feature applies to version 8.3.6 and up.

This feature helps you to assigned a ticket to the correct person.

You have 5 options in this system variable.

Allow blank, no validation
The 1st option allows you to not assign the ticket to anyone.

If blank (not set) then set the current user as “assigned to”
The 2nd option assigns the ticket to the current user if it has not already been assigned.

Assigned to is mandatory
The 3rd option make sure you can’t leave the “assigned to” field blank

If blank (not set) then set job project manager
The 4th option sets the project manager as “assigned to” if it is blank / not set

If blank (not set) then set job 1) production manager, 2) project manager
The 5th option assigns the production manager as 1st choice if the field is blank, and if there isn’t a production manager the project manager is assigned to the ticket.

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