Sending Mails


From inside WorkBook you can send a wide range of mails, this is everything from debtor reminders, to invoices and copy of reports.

This guide will focus on mails that is send via the “Mail sidebar” visible in the main interface.

Screenshot display the Mail sidebar

In this screenshot you see the Mail sidebar in the right hand side of the window.

Getting started

Initially you want to configure your mail address, this is done by opening the my settings dialog on the default tab.

The my settings dialog is opened by clicking the icon located on the top menu, in the right hand side.
From there you can modify your own mail address, when you finish changing your mail address it is suggested that you log out and then into the system again to ensure all settings has been reloaded.

The email address has been clearly marked in red together with the icon opening the my settings dialog clearly displayed in the top right side.

Modifying your signature

It is common for companies to have a default signature you always wish to append your mails.
This is of course supported in WorkBook where you can add images, links and other information to your signature.
When WorkBook sends a mail on your behalf your signature will automatically be append or auto inserted into the mail draft you created.

You can modify the mail signature by opening my settings and then navigating to the tab named “Email”.
In the bottom of this tab you can modify your signature as you please.

The area where you can modify your signature is clearly marked in red together with the tab item and my settings button located in the top right.

Creating a new draft

When creating a new mail using the mail sidebar or using a button that supports the mail sidebar a draft will be created.
A draft is a mail you are preparing to send, but has yet to be send to its recipients.

This system allows WorkBook to generate a mail that you afterwards can edit, to your hearts desire.

If you start by opening the mail sidebar and clicking “New” a new blank mail draft will be created.
Some of the information might be prefilled (To, CC, BCC, Subject) we will cover this on another page.

The open sidebar and create new button is marked in red.

Allowing WorkBook to generate a new draft

As mentioned before WorkBook can generate a new draft for you, we will now show some of these draft and how they are used inside WorkBook.

Mailing a report

When printing a report you can choose the mail button instead of the regular pdf or preview.
This will create a new mail draft with the report attached.

The report attached will be named using the company report name configuration (Settings -> Folders, reports and documents -> Report filename setup)

This screenshot shows where the “email report” button is located.

Mailing a document

You can send documents directly from the document browser, this feature is very useful when combined with the Document Templates.
This allows you to generate a briefing and send it right away, or attach the new image you just uploaded or saved on your file share.

When mailing a document, you can choose to convert it to a pdf or attached it inside a single zip archive.
The pdf makes your briefing look more professional, and the zip is useful for avoiding filters that disallow certain file types.

The attach document function is clearly highlighted in the center of the image using a red box.


My from address is blank

If your from address is blank, delete the mail draft, change your mail address and reload WorkBook as instructed in Getting Started.

It says my signature is invalid, every time I create a new mail

This may be a temporary issue caused by issues in your IT-Infrastructure, if the problem persists for more then a day please contact
We would be very thankful if you include a screenshot of the error message and your username.

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