Scrum Board

Scrum is an agile framework for managing work. It is designed for teams who break their work into actions or statuses that can be completed within timeboxed iterations called Sprints.

See a short presentation below of the scrum board presented by Helen Johnson from Tangram Consulting

Working with Scrum Board

Scrum Sprint Overview

When entering the ‘Scrum Board‘ you will see as default start on the tab called ‘Scrum Sprint Overview‘ this view will give an overview of all active sprints and all active tasks located in these.

As you can see below there are 3 columns:

  1. Backlog
    This is where all tasks with no sprint association will be placed.
  2. <New Scrum Sprint>
    Currently shows 2 tasks that are associated with this sprint
  3. <New Scrum Sprint(2)>
    Currently shows 0 tasks, which means no tasks has been placed at that sprint

By selecting one of the sprints or choosing one from the dropdown you will be able to jump to the other tab called ‘Scrum board‘.

Scrum Board

The ‘Scrum Board‘ view will only focus on the specific sprint and show the tasks associated with that sprint.

There will be several columns or “statuses” show and each of these are fully editable from the ‘Task Progress Status‘. This action is described later in the article.

The first column is the backlog and will serve the same functionality as the backlog shown at the ‘Scrum Sprint Overview‘.
Where the ‘Scrum Sprint Overview‘s Backlog shows all tasks not associated with a sprint, the backlog for the ‘Scrum board’ will show tasks where no progress has been given.

The Scrum sprint view filter will give you the following options:

  1. Selection of Scrum responsibles
  2. From period
  3. To period
  4. Show past sprints
  5. Show backlog

The Scrum board view options will give you the following options:

  1. Include or exclude tasks with low priority
  2. Show paging for all columns

How to place task on sprint

From the task card you will be able to associate a task with a specific sprint as shown below

How to set or change task progress

From the task card you will be able to set or change the task progress

How to set it up

System variable 1123

First of, it’s important to enable system variable 1123 – Task progress enabled on system

This system variable will activate the ability to indicate a task’s individual progress.

Setting up Sprints

It’s important to create sprints before using the scrum boards as it’s mandatory to have at least one active sprint.

From the below view you will have the option of creating multiple sprints, with ‘start date’, ‘end date’ and a so called ‘Scrum responsible’


Task Progress Status

Moving from on progress to another

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