Reversing a voucher

This guide will go through how to reverse a voucher that is already booked.

To book a voucher, first you must have one that is approved and finalized (if you need to know more about this, we have this guide about PO’s).

Book a voucher

To book a voucher, navigate to project postings. This is where you book vouchers, expenses, invoices and more. You can also filter by date and see the vouchers for booking in the subgrid.

Note: Be careful to check which vouchers to book.

Reversing voucher

In order to reverse the voucher after booking, go to creditor invoice management. To make it easier to find the correct voucher, you can filter by status. In this case, the status should be ‘booked’. Then, find the icon (highlighted in the picture below)  to reverse the selected voucher. When the dialogue ‘create copy/reverse voucher’ appears, it is important to give the reversed voucher a new name.

Approving reversed voucher

Once the voucher is reversed, we need to adjust the filter. The status of the voucher will no be 10 – ‘ new voucher’ and this is where you will be able to find it. If and when we want to approve this voucher again, you may do so with the top icon (as shown below).

Booking reversed voucher

Once the voucher is approved again, it will be ready to book once more. This is done as normally, in the project postings. You will be able to see your reversed voucher in the subgrid. The voucher will now be booked again and will be found in creditor invoice management, use the filter to find vouchers with status ‘booked’.

Note: You will book all awaiting vouchers and not only the newly reversed when clicking “Book”.

Now the voucher has been reversed from its original booking status and has been booked again.

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