Resource folders


Resource folders are used in WorkBook to upload documents and files that are related to a specific resource.
This gives you the ability to store and share important documents related to clients, vendors or any other the resource types in WorkBook.

Basic configuration

The configuration interface is found under Settings → Folders, reports and documents → Storage & folder setup → Resource folder setup. From this interface, you control how the directory names are constructed and which Storage Provider will be used for each resource type.

The resource folder path is constructed this way: {Folder Path}\{Resource Name}.
This path decides where on the Storage Provider the files and documents are stored.

Example: If the storage provider points to \\Fileserver\WorkBookShare, the full folder path for Client XX would be \\Fileserver\WorkBookShare\Clients\Client XX

Advanced configuration

Subfolder structure

When creating a new resource, WorkBook can automatically create a series of subdirectories and default files.
This is done by pointing to a subfolder structure path. This directory must exist on the storage provider selected.

Every time a new resource is created, the subdirectories and files will be copied to the new resource folder from the folder selected.

In this example, three folders will be created every time a new client is created in WorkBook (‘Client folder 1’, ‘Client folder 2’ and ‘Client folder 3’). In these folders, you can create additional subfolders – and even subfolders to subfolders. Text files, pictures, PDF’s and other documents can be placed in any of these folders, and they will also be added when a new client is created in WorkBook.

You can create similar folder structures for each of the resource types – just remember to point to the correct path in the column Subfolder structure path

Display folder path

This path is used as a prefix for the resource folder and is mostly used together with the WebDAV or File System Storage Provider.
It allows you to show users in which location they can access the file directly.

The value is displayed in the bottom of the document browser


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