Reports and export to Excel

Sometimes you want to export a report to Excel. That’s pretty straight forward if you use the Excel button as seen below.

If you want to built your own report, using data from WorkBook it’s possible to either read the data directly from the database, or paste the data from the report, into a pre-formatted Excel file, using the guide below.

A. Export the report, using the Excel button as seen above.

B. Once you open the CSV file in Excel, copy the content of the report (Ctrl+A) and paste it into a new Excel file. Make sure to paste the data to a second sheet.

C. Switch to sheet 1 and start adjusting the layout – eg. adding nice colorful headlines etc. Then add a PivotTable.

D. Once you click on add PivotTable, go to the sheet where you pasted the WorkBook data, and highlight the columns you want to include in your own report.

E. Switch on the fields as seen to the right.

You can hide the Sum headline using this option.

See more about using PivotTables in this help article:


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