Report Viewer

The report viewer is a Silverlight based way of seeing you reports without requiring additional plugins, other then the one used by WorkBook Version 8.

The report viewer is used by clicking the  icon in the Report Sidebar.

The report viewer enables a few scenarios that the direct print to PDF options does not.

  • Defining a custom watermark (This is not the build in watermark functions in WorkBook, this is an additional watermark defined by the user)
    • Adding a custom image
    • Adding a custom text
  • Changing Paper size to a none default size.
  • Adding a custom margin
  • Exporting to a range of formats normally not available in WorkBook. (Some of these will not render a report correctly)
    • Image
    • RTF
    • HTML
    • XPF
  • When using the Report Preview and exporting to PDF the fonts from the client is used instead of server side fonts.

Enabling the Report Preview

In newer versions of WorkBook Version 8 the Report Preview is disabled by default in favor of using the “Direct to PDF” approach.

To see if the Report Preview is enabled check if the  icon is visible in the report sidebar next to the PDF icon. 

To enable the Report Preview enabled System Variable: (751) EnableWorkBookReportViewer, and then log out and back in.


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