The report editor


In WorkBook V9 you have the possibility to change your layout yourself instead of contacting us, we provide you with the opportunity to manipulate the labels to your needs.

Navigate to the report you want to change – In this example we use the invoice layout.
change layout

You will then be presented with this view, in here you make your changes and move around the layout

The menu on the left is used to insert new labels and the menu on the right can be used to manipulate the existing items on the layout.

To save your progress and changes use the burger menu at the top left and select save – You will be presented with an option to rename the new layout.

layout save


How to update report layouts with downloaded editor

Download the report editor from this link: (PC only).

To modify an existing report click New:

Browse to the report you would like to edit or type in the number of the report. The report number is shown behind the name of every report in the report list:

It’s possible to have different invoice layouts that the customer can choose from (if eg. the customer has more than one company in WorkBook there can be more than one layout). If more than one layout has been saved, the Open report window will show these different layouts. You must choose which one to edit.

The same list is available from the reports list in the frontend system:

To modify an existing layout (which is what you would like to do in a new implementation), choose the report and click Open.

Edit window:

The data content equals data on the report. Example:

To move the data content simply move it around in the window. You can see the changes immediately if you click on the Print Preview tab:

To add new data content a list of available data content in the left side:

In the following example we add the CompanyName to the report. Click and drag the Field into the report and drop the field where you would like it to appear.

See the result click on the Print Preview tab:

You can adjust many Properties (like font type, size) by double clicking on the property type in the Property Grid window. Note that only TrueType fonts are supported.

Adding a logo click on the Picture Box option in the Tool Box window:

Draw a square in the report where you would like the image to appear:

And click on the arrow icon and this  button and choose the image.


Click on the “Save” button to save your changes.


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