Remote Access for WorkBook Support

If you are hosted by WorkBook Software this page is mostly irrelevant.

To provide you with optimal support we require a permanent connection to your on-premises environment hosting WorkBook.

The permanent connection should be able to access the servers running WorkBook as local administrator, and have sysadmin privileges to the SQL Server.

We currently support the following configurations and remote access software solutions, you can even combine multiple solutions to increase security in some instances.

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • VPN
    • PPTP
    • IKEv2
    • Various other protocols
  • LogMeIn
  • TeamViewer (Installed as a permanent service with unattented access)
  • SMS Passcodes
  • Named user accounts (Limited support members)
  • Physical Tokens
  • TOTP Tokens


Our best practice recommendation is to combine, VPN + Token with Remote Desktop

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